Channing Tatum & Roy Lee to Adapt Sam Kieth’s ‘The Maxx’ to Film

The Maxx, the cult comic created by Sam Kieth, is getting the screen treatment from Channing Tatum and Roy Lee.

The two are teaming up to produce via their respective production companies. Tatum will produce via Free Association, along with principals Reid Carolin and Peter Kiernan. Lee will produce via his Vertigo Entertainment.

Kieth will also produce with partner Tal Vigderson.


The Maxx, created, written and illustrated by Kieth (yes, the “i” before the “e”) was released in the early 1990s heyday of Image Comics when Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane and Rob Liefeld, among others launched the publishing house.


The original series followed the adventures of The Maxx, who appears in both the real world and an alternate reality, the Outback. In the real world, he is a homeless man living in a box but in the Outback, he is a powerful masked being who is the protector of the Jungle Queen. In the real world, the latter is a social worker named Julie Winters who frequently works to help the homeless man, unaware that the alternate reality exists and is exerting a dangerous influence on her life.


Meghan Murphy

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