Can You Name the 5 Best Movies about Winning the Lottery?


Who doesn’t like winning? Winning the lottery is the most anticipated dream to come to fulfillment. It’s often an emotional and life-changing moment that most lottery players in various sites, including lottó, wish to identify always. Movies have a peculiar way of conveying emotions, and a plot about winning the lottery is a must-watch. Here are 5 of the best films about winning the lottery that you need to watch while playing the lottery in different sites, including PowerBall online.


  • It Could Happen to You

It Could Happen To You - Trailer


Here’s a great film about winning the lottery that gets based on a real-life story. The 1994 film starring an energetic police officer who couldn’t tip the waitress is a must-see. He goes ahead to make a promise that he’ll double the tip or offer the prize money the following day. As luck smiled upon him, he emerged the winner of 4 million dollars in a draw. And true to his words, he gave the waitress half of the price money. Would you share your prize money by half if you’ve won in any lottery site, including PowerBall? The movie is about Robert Cunningham, who shared his six million prize money with a waitress after winning it. 


  • If I Had a Million (1932)

Si j'avais un million (If I had a Million - 1932) - Bande annonce HD VOST

Here’s another great classic movie that elaborates on a steel tycoons story. The tycoon goes ahead and offers a million dollars to eight strangers he prefers in his phone book. His plan is more than just altruism. It’s about inhibiting his inheritance from landing into the hands of the greedy family. There are several lucky recipients, such as an entertainer, an office clerk, an older woman, and a marine. The film is more than just winning the lottery. It depicts how each recipient’s life changed entirely with their newfound fortune. 


  • Lucky Numbers


Are you playing the online lottery in various sites, then you need to check out the Lucky Numbers movie. It’s a well made comedy worth every second. John Travolta invests in a snowmobile enterprise. His friend also comes up with a fraudulent scheme to gain cash from the state lottery. However, such events don’t unfold quite well as it leads to a series of murder as well as a double-crossing. However, the thrill of knowing what unfolds next will have you glued to your seats.


  • Waking Ned Devine

Waking Ned Devine Official Trailer!


The 1998 indie movie is about two allies who come to realize that an elderly village member has emerged victorious in the lottery. However, as they visit him, they find that the new millionaire has passed on due to shock. As the lottery rules that online Ned can claim the prize, the town people are left with no option but to convince the inspector that Michael O’Sullivan is indeed Ned Devine.


  • Finder’s Fee

Finder's Fee (2001) Official Trailer #1 - Ryan Reynolds, James Earl Jones Movie


Here’s another movie based on the actual real event of the director Jeff Probst. A young man notices a wallet while on his way home. As he decides to give the owner the purse, he sees that the winning lottery ticket is in it. The movie brings forth an outlandish turn of events and is sure to live a positive impression.


Check out these films even if you never get around to playing lottóonline!

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