Bond Producers Insist the 007 Films Are Meant for the Cinema


With the recent purchase of MGM by Amazon, there has been some concerned over where the studios output may be headed. Would Amazon want the big movies to debut in theaters or on their streaming service? And one of the biggest properties in their portfolio, James Bond, has a new film coming out shortly, the final one in the Daniel Craig era, No Time to Die.


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According to Deadline, franchise producer Barbara Broccoli told Sky in the UK: “We focused on making the films for theatrical release and… I think that’s our position. [Amazon] certainly have told us that the films will be theatrical films in the future. And we’ll see what happens.”



Craig, for his part, would’ve been greatly disappointed if the film had been moved to a streaming debut because of the pandemic. “It would have been sad [to see it on a streaming service], and we got here and we’re going to actually get into the cinemas,” the actor said.


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Let’s see what Amazon has to say.


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