Ugh: Looks Like the Birds of Prey Film is Becoming a Hot Mess

We have seen previous leaks of pictures from the upcoming Birds of Prey movie, leaving many to wonder what the film’s plot would entail. Margot Robbie has complete creative control over this movie, which initially scared me a bit. And now with what I have found out about the plot, I’m more than scared, I’m terrified.

Not only have they taken three characters who have historically been of straight sexual orientation and changed them into gay, including Black Mask and Victor Zsasz, but the producers have also based the movie around a diamond which Cassandra Cain eats to hide from Black Mask. And here’s the real kicker, the diamond is not what he wants back, it’s the memory card within, because…. it contains his nudes…

Excuse me? 

In my video below, I’ll go over just exactly how disappointed I am with what I’m beginning to learn this movie, the direction it’s taken, and what I consider to be the disrespect to both the characters and the LGBTQ community as a whole.

Tristen Just

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