Batgirl & Supergirl May be Cancelled, but Gay Green Lantern TV Show Still Moving Forward


Despite cancelling Batgirl and Supergirl, HBO Max is still moving forward with its Green Lantern series, which would depict the titular superhero as a gay FBI agent played by Jeremy Irvine. This confirmation comes after parent company Warner Bros. Discovery canceled their Batgirl movie, which had a transgender character in a leading role, and what was expected to be a gay or bi Supergirl show.


Green Lantern is still alive and “absolutely moving forward,” the streamer told TVLine. Mega-producer Greg Berlanti, who is responsible for countless TV shows, will be releasing the series in 2024.


The series, whose working title is Green Lantern, will portray the superhero’s tale in an unusual manner, starting in 1941 with the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott, who though originally portrayed as a straight man in the comics for decades, was retconned recently as a closeted homosexual.



The series will also feature later iterations of the Green Lantern character, such as Guy Gardner, as portrayed by Finn Wittrock, who was originally introduced in 1984.


As CEO David Zaslav publicly committed to find savings of at least $3 billion, Warner Bros. Discovery is implementing significant cuts across all of its media businesses. This was demonstrated most recently, when despite being virtually finished, the planned Batgirl movie was shelved. The $90 million superhero film will not be released in theaters or on HBO Max; instead, it will be used as a tax write-off for the production business.

Todd Fisher

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