Batgirl Star Leslie Grace May Still Get a Charity Role in ‘Birds of Prey’ Spinoff


After all the hand-wringing over the canceling of the ‘sure to be woke’ Batgirl movie, lead actress Leslie Grace might still have the opportunity to play the Batman derivative in a DC movie that ends up being released, albeit not as the main attraction, and in what is most likely going to be even more of a woke dud than Batgirl would’ve been.


After its major merger, the newly formed Warner Bros. Discovery canceled their almost finished Batgirl movie with Grace playing the lead. Warners claimed that the film tested poorly and that trying to improve it would have been too expensive. As a result, the studio shelved the project and claimed a tax write-off; the lawsuits assert that it will never be released. This also impacted the planned Supergirl project, and may eventually impact the long-delayed The Flash film starring an on the run, criminally minded mental patient.



According to reporting from Breitbart, Leslie Grace’s character may have initially been left in a limbo, but she may get another chance to don the Batgirl costume in a DC film featuring a different hero that few ever heard of.

“Newly installed Warner Bros. Pictures Group chiefs Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy, in seeking to mend fences with Batgirl star Leslie Grace, are entertaining the possibility of having her continue to play Batgirl in a future DC film,” Variety reported.

The movie will revisit star Jurnee Smollett’s take on the Black Canary character as seen in the 2020 flop Birds of Prey. And according to Variety, Grace may drop in as one of Smollett’s co-stars in the action flick.



Talk about charity. The Birds of Prey film was an abysmal, utter bomb of a movie. Throwing Grace a bone like this should only add insult to injury, but it’s likely that these studio execs are clueless to why that’s the case. And yet, Breitbart also adds that this potential DC film, like so many other since David Zaslav took over, is still not a done deal.

Nothing is set in stone, though, as Black Canary is still only in the development stage for HBO Max and doesn’t have the full green light.

Indeed, the whole DC Comics universe of superhero films is wallowing in uncertainty after the Warner-Discovery merger. The various DC movies lack the firm hand of guidance that Marvel has in Kevin Feige – the man responsible for keeping its “cinematic universe” tied together. And Warners is apparently attempting to sort out its superhero properties to try and make sense of what is already on the drawing board and what could come in the near future.

There is still no real plan to integrate DC films and TV shows, but Warners announced that it intends to begin doing just that. To date, only one movie has been given the official green light. The sequel to Todd Phillips’ The Joker is now in production. Once again starring Joaquin Phoenix, the sequel will be titled Joker: Folie à Deux. And yet, this Joker universe will remain unconnected to any other superhero property.


If DC is patient, and stops leaning into identity politics and wokeness, they will eventually overtake Marvel, who are doing the exact opposite. That is, of course, if the moviegoing public aren’t sick of all the cape content by then.

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