Avengers: Infinity War Early Reactions


We still have 3 weeks to wait until the next installment in the Avengers franchise hits theaters worldwide, but today, some lucky UK fans were awarded a chance to watch the opening half-hour of the long awaited Marvel superhero movie. This event in London was a rare opportunity for some fans to see part of the movie even before film critics and industry insiders.

Some of those reactions are below.


The exciting event kicked off at 6:30pm at Television Studios in White City. Directors Anthony and Joe Russo were there to meet and greet the fans. Locals Doctor Strange’s Benedict Cumberbatch and Loki’s Tom Hiddleston along with The Vision’s Paul Bettany and Black Panther newcomer Letitia Wright were on hand to greet moviegoers as were Winter Soldier’s Sebastian Stan and Scarlet Witch’s Elizabeth Olsen. The full length film will not be shown until the LA premiere on April 23, 2018. All reviews are embargoed until April 24. The movie will open in the UK on April 26 and April 27 in the US.

If the reactions above are any indication, it looks like Marvel may have their biggest hit yet with this film. Was there ever any doubt?

Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War Official Trailer

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