Another Unimpressive ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ Cameo Announced


Marvel fans have been expecting a ton of mind-blowing cameos in the upcoming Deadpool and Wolverine, but one returning X-Men actor has already been revealed and the news isn’t exactly “mind-blowing.”


According to Variety, Aaron Stanford, who portrayed as Pyro in the first X-Men sequel, popped up in the official Deadpool and Wolverine trailer, much to the delight of fans. Stanford debuted as John Allerdyce, aka the mutant Pyro, in 2003’s X2: X-Men United and reprised the role in 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand. He’s now back after an 18-year break and “very happy” with the results. “I was just very happy to even have a costume,” Stanford said.



“In the original ‘X-Men’ films, Pyro gets really shortchanged in terms of a costume.” While “Deadpool and Wolverine” director Shawn Levy said that there are lots of cameos in his movie, he stressed that the team behind the Marvel tentpole “didn’t want any of the cameos or characters to be the story of the movie. But they are peppered in throughout.”


The boring nature of some of the cameos announced so far may be starting to dampen expectations for this sequel. Just last month, the trades were boasting that the film looked to be tracking for a record-breaking $200-$239 million opening. Now they’re reporting estimates closer to the $160 – $165 million range. That’s a nearly $80 million dollar drop in just three weeks. Will this film save the MCU, or not?



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