Animated DC Injustice Shooting for an Appropriate Release Date


DC has revealed the release date of its animated movie, Injustice, which will be October 19th.


The film’s roster of alternate universe DC Comics superheroes includes Justin Hartley as Superman, Anson Mount as Batman, Janet Varney as Wonder Woman, Laura Bailey as Lois Lane and Rama Kushna, Zach Callison as Damian and Jimmy Olsen, Brian T. Delaney as Green Lantern, Brandon Michael Hall as Cyborg, Gillian Jacobs as Harley Quinn, Kevin Pollak as Joker and Jonathan Kent, Anika Noni Rose as Catwoman, Reid Scott as Green Arrow and Victor Zsasz, Faran Tahir as Ra’s al Ghul, Yuri Lowenthal as Mirror Master, Flash and Shazam.


In addition, the Injustice movie will also feature Derek Phillips as Nightwing and Aquaman, Edwin Hodge as Mr. Terrific and Killer Croc, Oliver Hudson as Plastic Man, Fred Tatasciore as Captain Atom, and Andrew Morgado as Mirror Master Soldier.


Rick Morales (Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge), will produce the Injustice movie; Matt Peters (Justice League Dark) will direct, and Ernie Altbacker (Batman: Hush) will write the script. (You mean it isn’t written yet??)


The summary is: An unthinkable tragedy propels Superman into a dangerous new mindset, ultimately pitting Justice League members against each other in Injustice, an all-new DC Animated Movie. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation, DC and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, the feature-length animated film is set for release on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and Digital on October 19.



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