Amazon Prime’s ‘The Boys’ Season 2; Expect “Gratuitous Violence and Explicit Language”

Unlike the vast majority of streaming releases in this day and age, the second season of The Boys won’t be something you can binge all in one sitting.

This time around, Amazon will only be releasing the season’s first three episodes on the show’s release date in September. Instead of following a true binge model, the service will add one episode per week after the initial week. That means to consume all eight episodes ordered for the show’s sophomore outing, it will take six weeks for the rollout to be complete.


With the last go-around of the show, Amazon released the first eight episodes in one batch, allowing fans to watch straight through and quickly join the chatter on social media. Now, Amazon will be able to stagger the marketing and create a sense of event programming with the weekly release schedule, at least for the last five episodes of Season Two. Disney+ has taken a similar procedure with its shows, releasing one per week instead of dropping everything at once. After all, look at the success The Mandalorian found with a weekly release schedule. 


The Boys Season Two will debut September 4th. The first season is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. You can watch the first three minutes of the coming second season of The Boys here if you can stomach Patton Oswalt.

NSFW warning: As with everything to do with The Boys, expect gratuitous violence and explicit language in the video.


The Boys F**kin’ Reunited


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