All of Legion Season 3’s Preview Trailers Are Here

Legion is set return for its final season in June. This season will reunite main character David Haller with his father, who is none other than Professor Charles Xavier himself. Unfortunately, Sir Patrick Stewart won’t be in it, but actor Harry Lloyd has been cast in the role instead. Legion is ending with its third season – not because of The Walt Disney Company’s takeover of 20th Century Fox, but because show creator Noah Hawley always envisioned the series as a three-season show.


Check out all of the trailers here!


Xavier Preview: He watched. He found. He possessed. 


Legion | Season 3: Xavier Preview | FX


Magic Man Preview: He’s the Magic Man. 


Legion | Season 3: Magicman Preview | FX


Season 3: Daisy Chain Teaser 



And here is the Legion Season 3 Official Trailer



There’s no time like the present. Or the past. Or the future. The final season of Legion premieres on FX Monday June 24th! In the UK, it airs on FOX – and is also available via NOW TV.

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