To Stop the Confusion Marvel Studios Hires Official MCU Timeline Keeper


It’s truly a miracle that something like the Marvel Cinematic Universe exists. One of the key reasons behind that is due to its sheer scope—every project has to adhere to a mind-bogglingly complex and ever-expanding continuity. It seems like it would be impossible to keep up with.


So how exactly does Marvel Studios stay on top of everything? Well, unsurprisingly, it looks like they have a dedicated person just for that.


In an interview with The DirectShe-Hulk: Attorney at Law head writer and producer Jessica Gao commented on where the show falls on the MCU timeline. Gao confirmed that She-Hulk is “after-post-Endgame” while confirming that “a Marvel person whose job it is to trace the timeline of everything” in the MCU.



“It’s definitely after– post-Endgame. There actually is a Marvel person whose job it is to trace the timeline of everything,” Gao said. “And we checked with him a lot about where the timing is. And so it’s like… the show is a few years after Endgame.”


There’s no official word on when this timeline keeper may have been hired by Marvel Studios or their identity, but they likely have been in this position for a long while now.

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