Adult Swim to Premiere 4 Pilots During Special Event Letting Viewers Vote


Anyone who’s been a longtime fan of Cartoon Network’s beloved late night program block Adult Swim and its diverse selection of animated content will be pleased to know that Adult Swim will premiere not just one but four new series pilots for the network, and will be hosted by guru of the unconventional, M. Night Shyamalan. The event is in honor of the director’s highly anticipated upcoming film Knock at the Cabin (2023), and is set to air at “midnight”.


The announcement was discovered by @Swimpedia on Twitter, and the post including the official promo for the event can be watched below.



Shyamalan continues to be one of the most notable directors working today thanks to the wild concepts and ideas that he has been a part of over his long career, and that’s the perfect fit for Adult Swim.

Adult Swim will be premiering the four new pilots on Wednesday, February 1st. Fans will then vote for their favorite. This will presumably lead to the winner potentially getting a full series order. The pilots include Oh My God, Yes!, Yenor, Macbeth With Dinosaurs, and Wet City.



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