7 Fun Facts You May Not Know About Quentin Tarantino

When people think of movies that exhibit the perfect mix of thriller, neo-noir, and quirkiness, the films that come to mind are usually the ones directed by no other than Quentin Tarantino. Considered the cinematic mastermind of the mix-and-match genre, Quentin Jerome Tarantino helped shape a generation of cinephiles through his legendary works.


Tarantino’s masterpieces include Pulp FictionReservoir DogsInglorious Basterds, and Kill Bill. If, like many others, you are a fan of Tarantino’s work, then this article is for you. Here are some fun facts you may not know about this Hollywood legend:



He studied acting

Before becoming the renowned filmmaker we know and love, Tarantino first dabbled in acting. In fact, it was his acting classes that made him realize that he preferred writing stories more than actually performing in them.


He worked in a video rental store

After discovering his love for directing and screenwriting, Tarantino worked in a video rental store called Video Archives. There, he began to discuss movies at length with his coworkers and the customers that drop by.

Many believe that it was this job opportunity that exposed him to Blaxploitation films and gave him the chance to really pay close attention to the type of movies that are in existence and are well-loved by customers.



He’s a fan of board games

Tarantino is a pretty well known collector of films, and many agree that that’s his way of enriching his own screenwriting and directing prowess. But a Poker.org feature on celebrity hobbies highlights how he’s also an avid collector of vintage board games. His impressive collection includes The Dukes of HazzardDawn of the Dead, and Universe.


His movies are connected to each other, as well as other directors’ works

Tarantino may be famous for his distinct and unique films, but believe it or not, his movies are all connected. They all belong to a shared universe where the movies are connected by characters and certain features.

If you can recall, Sheriff Earl McGraw, who is played by Michael Parks, not only appeared in Tarantino’s Death Proof and Kill Bill. He can also be seen in Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror and From Dusk Till Dawn.



He hates product placement

If other directors go out of their way to showcase products on their films, Tarantino does the complete opposite. Fueled by his hatred of product placement, Tarantino used fictional cigarette brands such as Red Apple and the now discontinued cereal brand Fruit Brute.


He thought of making Kill Bill during the filming of Pulp Fiction

While filming his very first neo-noir black comedy crime film, Tarantino was able to have a meaningful conversation with Uma Thurman about the kinds of movies they would like to do. That exchange gave birth to Kill Bill after Tarantino shared that he would like to make a ’70s style kung-fu flick.

Thurman came up with the film’s legendary opening shot wherein her character Beatrix “The Bride” Kiddo was seen beaten up in her wedding gown. According to Indiewire.comKill Bill later turned out to be one of the films that best depicts a filmmaker’s feminist leanings.



He owns a famous truck

The famous bright yellow Chevrolet Silverado known as “Pussy Wagon” first seen in Kill Bill 1 is actually owned by Tarantino himself. To promote the second installment of Kill Bill, Tarantino drove the vehicle for days. It was later on featured in various music videos, such as Beyoncé and Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” and Missy Elliot’s “I’m Really Ho


Regardless of what his harshest critics might have said, Tarantino has remained a true auteur able to make his own films in an otherwise restrictive Hollywood system. And now you know even more about him.

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