5 Must-Watch College Football Movies to Watch in 2022

If you are a college football lover, you would love everything about the game. Whether it’s the players, the cliff-hanging twists and turns, or the after-match events, you must like to watch it all.


The popularity of college football is quite justified, as the game is recognized in the gambling world too. Many wagerers look for college football predictions to wager on the right player/team. So, yes, there are fanatics from all industries!


Besides other entertainment activities, college football is also popular in the movie world. So, if you haven’t watched any college football movies yet, then here are the five must-watch movies to try out this weekend:




Rudy (1993) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers


While discussing college football movies, we can’t forget about Rudy. Starring Sean Astin and Job Favreau in the lead, Rudy is based on the story of a man who has always been told that he can’t play college football for his short height. But, keeping all odds aside, he went on to play for a renowned team called Notre Dame. Rudy is one of the top football movies of all time.


The Express


The Express Official Trailer #1 - Dennis Quaid Movie (2008) HD


The Express is based on the popular college football player Ernie Davis. He was, in fact, the first African-American to bag the Heisman Trophy. It’s worth watching for those who want to know about the story of the charismatic athlete.

The Express stars Dennis Quaid and Rob Brown and is directed by Gary Fleder.


The Program


The Program (1993) Trailer (VHS Capture)


Directed by David S. Ward, The Program is a movie about players from different backgrounds teaming up for a football game at a university. It covers the store of these players and how they deal with the pressure altogether. The lead characters of the movie are James Cann, Craig Sheffer, Andre Byniarski, and more.


Necessary Roughness


Necessary Roughness - Trailer


With Scott Bakula and even boxing champ Evander Holyfield, Necessary Roughness tells the story about Ed Genero, a veteran coach hired to lead the Texas State University Fightin’ Armadillos. The university has to form a football team with their students alone (without a scholarship) to play in the tournaments. Directed by Stan Dragoti, in his last directorial effort, this one’s a must-watch.


The Waterboy


The Waterboy (1998) - Official Trailer - Adam Sandler Movie


The Waterboy is about Bobby Boucher, who worked as a water boy for a college football team. His life takes a hasty turn when he gets selected by the coach as a player. This was after the coach discovered his tackling skills. The movie has Adam Sandler in the lead, and it’s directed by Frank Coraci.


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So these were some of the best college football movies to watch in 2022. Grab your popcorn, and check them out. They are worth the fuss!

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