Watch: Green Lantern Hopeful Campaigns to Portray John Stewart


Chris Braly: Emeka, let’s get straight into it. Tell our readers how you were inspired to start a campaign to play Green Lantern.

Emeka Agada: I’m a DC fan! I grew up watching Justice League Animation and I have enjoyed watching the DCEU grow. It’s great that we have our trinity (Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman) and other Justice Leaguer’s on screen but it was bothering me the lack of presence Green Lantern had. Especially most of us who grew up watching JLA, not seeing John Stewart in live action was a bit confusing. For some years, I would see fans talk about who they would like to see play John. Then during the summer of 2018, I was watching a clip from JLA and those feelings I had as a kid, wanting to be your favorite hero came again. And given the career I’m in, I figured, “yo, why don’t you do a full campaign to get things poppin. This is what the fans want.” I posted a photo online and within hours someone had re-posted the same photo with an edit of the suit over my body. I said, “Okay, there’s no turning back.”


CB: How long did it take to make this video and who helped you with it?

EA: It was quite the process, I had a lot of help from friends who were eager to see it come alive. From the actors and the actual crafting of the suit, it was hand made by a local designer. I had reached out to an old friend I grew up with who had film experience so that helped a lot. It allowed me to write, do my director bits and then focus on the performance aspect. In total, it was two full days of shooting and then another half day to reshoot a few scenes. I wanted the video to be awesome haha! Originally, we shot a clip of him flying through the clouds and the ending was supposed to be Green Lantern in space, fighting some kind of threat and reciting the oath. But unfortunately, the green screen we had bled into the suit so we had to readjust things


GREEN LANTERN - John Stewart Film - HD


CB: DC has a new Green Lantern #1 coming out in April with John Stewart as the main protagonist. Are you still a comics reader?

EA: Yes! My campaign has exposed me to a lot of John’s rich comic book history. I own a small collection of Green Lantern issues, Mosaic series being my favorite. It just says a lot about John, he feels deep, which I think the animation did touch on a bit but the comics take it to a whole another place. It has honestly been a treat, the more I read, the more I dream about the possibilities the character can go when DC decides to bring him to the big screen. My collection will continue to grow more come this April.


CB: You’ve had some other notable acting roles as well, is that correct? Tell us about your other work.

EA: I’m classically trained but I’m most known for my work on CBS TV drama, Ransom where I played agent Arthur Payne and also appeared in the current kids show, Blues Clues & You. Later this year, I will be making an appearance on the NBC medical show, Nurses during season two which I think will be my best work to date. I’m always trying to find new ways to challenge myself as an artist. I’m currently working on a post apocalyptic web series called The Wake which we plan to shoot later this year and I’m also writing a feature film that I plan to bring to life later as well.


CB: You sound busy! What are you doing to get noticed for this potential role?

EA: Spreading the word, creating more content and reaching out to other media platforms. I think something like this requires fans support but also me finding new ways to showcase my work. So every character I play, I give it my all. You never know what opportunity will arise. I would like to create a follow up video though to this short, show John in a more mature light. It’s funny but as serious as John is, he has some great dry humor that I would like to sprinkle in.


CB: Thanks for chatting with us! Good luck and we are rooting for you!

EA: Thank you, your support means a lot! Hopefully the next time we chat, it will be on the red carpet premiere of Green Lantern!


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