Son of Comicsgate Chats with Bleeding Fool’s Editor in Chief

‘The Bleeding Fool’ by Bob Stone of Nomad Comics

Frequent Bleeding Fool contributor, Michael Critzer (a.k.a. Professor Geek) holds a weekly livestream chat on his Youtube channel called Son of Comicsgate that features discussion on indie comics, news of the day, and general commentary on the state of the industry and various opinions. There are regulars on the chat like author J. Ishiro Finney (another Bleeding Fool contributor), and illustrator Keung Lee, along with other regular guests that come and go.

Last week, on Episode 10, the guest of honor was Jamison Ashley, Editor in Chief of Bleeding Fool. Other guests included indie creator and designer James Dean Anderson, along with Dave T, the artist collaborating with Professor Geek on their currently crowdfunding Indiegogo comic ‘Tales from the Stacks‘. 

After discussing the origins of Bleeding Fool, the lively conversation covered topics such as various indie projects, the future of the comics industry, the Twitter feeds of Mark Waid, Donny Cates, and Dan Slott, SWATting, Jawbreakers, shout-outs to Bounding Into Comics, Four Color Media Monitor, The Splintering, One Angry Gamer, Caped Informer, IndieCHRON, and other like-minded news sites. Douglas Ernst, Capn Cummings, Captain Frugal and Avi Green also got some mentions. The guys also commented on what comic they were still buying new from mainline publishers, and eventually the group touched on what they think the best hope for the struggling industry is.

Jamison also gushed on the one single ongoing comic book that Marvel Comics is printing that he continues to purchase. Be sure you stick around to check out James Dean’s glorious rendition of Jack Russell from Werewolf By Night!

Featured art ‘The Bleeding Fool’ by artist Bob Stone.

Michael Critzer

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