Russo Brothers Would’ve Focused on Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Sequels published the following from a recent interview with the Russo Brothers:


CS: But and then in terms of your Empire Strikes Back episode, it brought up something that has always kind of bugged me about Star Wars, which is that I feel like in the prequels, sort of the choice that Anakin has to make, where he’s choosing between the Jedi and saving the woman he loves, it’s a compelling choice. It’s a wrenching choice. But in both the original trilogy and the new trilogy that just came out, I feel like Luke and Rey, they’re basically being offered a power grab. Rule the universe with me. And it’s pretty anathema to both of their characters. There’s never really a feeling like these guys are actually going to go for that. And I wanted to get your take on that. Would you have done that differently?

Anthony: Well —

Joe: I mean I think being such Star Wars fanatics, we would’ve probably focused on the Luke Skywalker story. And so, to me, there was the potential for three movies focusing on that arc coming to completion. But different choices you can make. I think you know, the fact that Star Wars is so important to us growing up, we got to make our Star Wars empire in Infinity War and Endgame. That was really our expression of what those commercial films meant to us as children and what we took away from them and the patterns of narrative structure that were so profound to us. We were able to replicate those patterns in those movies. So I think we speak to those films rather than the Star Wars films.


This brings to mind a potential forgotten “camp” in any internal Lucasfilm civil war: Kevin Feige.



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