Reynolds & Jackman Say They Plan to Continue Working Together


While out promoting their soon to be released buddy-hero film, Deadpool & Wolverine, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are teasing the fact that the pair may join up again soon in a non-superhero film.


“We have one we’re looking to do,” Reynolds told Entertainment Weekly, “I would say that [ours] is like any relationship that is successful and works: It’s that two parties are rooting for each other. I’m always rooting for Hugh to score and win. I also know the infinite nuance of his heart and his mind and who he is. I can say firsthand that he’s a person who’s not just worth rooting for, he’s somebody who’s impossible to not root for.”


The pair were recently in Shagnhai to promote the film with director Shawn Levy, this being the first Deadpool film to receive a day-in-date release in China and only the second time the franchise has been in the Hidden Kingdom with the PG cut of Deadpool 2 released there previously.



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