Gaiman: Netflix’s ‘The Sandman’ Series Isn’t “Throwing Out” the Graphic Novels


Neil Gaiman has said that his upcoming Netflix adaptation of The Sandman isn’t “throwing things out” from his acclaimed series of graphic novels.

The story kicks off when an occultist, intending to summon the living embodiment of Death, accidentally conjures her younger brother Dream and holds him captive for decades.

When he finally breaks free, he sets about finding the objects of his power and restoring order to his kingdom, which has fallen into disrepair during his absence.


The fantasy saga has been trying to jump from page to screen since the late ’90s, but numerous creative teams have struggled to condense its sprawling narrative into a single movie.

Speaking to, Gaiman revealed that swapping to a television format has allowed him to pursue a far more faithful Sandman adaptation than he ever could have achieved in film.

“I’ve been saying for 30 years that I would rather have no Sandman than a bad Sandman,” he said. “The problem with making a Sandman film is, the first question you get into is ‘What do you throw out?’.

“I’ve read lots of scripts that ranged from the appalling to ‘OK, they might be able to pull this off’. But you always read them going, ‘Well, it’s not quite Sandman. It’s taking some Sandman stuff from over here, and taking some Sandman stuff over there, and blending it together.’”

John Pallister

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