Will ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Be Able to Revive the Dead Franchise?

Deadline reports that this Paramount/Skydance Media/Fox’s Terminator: Dark Fate opens wide this weekend to what is hoped as a complete re-invigoration of the franchise, bringing the pic back to its original James Cameron roots.


Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gabriel Luna, left, star in Skydance Productions and Paramount Pictures’ “TERMINATOR: DARK FATE.”

Tracking sees $40M-plus, but there’s a chance this sixth pic could break down in the $30M range, which isn’t good. The first weekend of November has blossomed to be a rich period at the box office, with 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok setting an opening record for the frame with $122.7M. Overseas looks better, with Dark Fate adding 36 additional territories plus China on Friday for a $80M-$85M offshore gross, bringing the pic’s global weekend on the high end to $125M (PRC estimated to be between $40M-$45M). That would be an improvement on Genisys‘ full global (first) weekend of $100.3M (unadjusted for currency fluctuations) and overseas weekend of $73.3M (a frame that was timed to domestic though technically its second weekend abroad then). Similar to Genisys, Dark Fate first went abroad before U.S./Canada in 10 markets last weekend including France and UK, but it wasn’t pretty with $12.6M.

Jamison Ashley

Jamison Ashley

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