Using Quality Management Theory to Grow Small Comic Publisher

When I discuss other comic book creators, I see people arguing that the second issue of a series should expect a drop off in support compared to issue 1. This thinking is flat out wrong. Unlike your local comic book store where an issue 3 or 4 might be off putting, in a crowd funding campaign, the new customer can get all of the comic books in the series as part of their reward.


In my crowdfunding efforts, I’ve seen the number of backers grow each time, and I am far from alone in finding that result. Happy customers will come back and new customers will come along. Based on this simple premise, I set out the basis of growing my comic book business based on nothing more than applying quality theory to customer expectations and have endeavored to deliver:


  • A well written book
  • With excellent artwork
  • Priced fairly
  • Delivered on time
  • With another project on the way


So far, each crowd fund I have done in the White Lily series has seen a growth of backers anywhere from 26 to 59% with the average backer contributing roughly $25.


If we assume that these metrics will continue into the future, then in only one years time, I will be crowd funding books to raise more than enough money to pay for the artwork and printing costs, which means my fanbase will be allowing me to bring high quality books direct to the market at virtually no cost.


I’ve anticipated selling these books to local comic book stores, which is where I price my books in crowd funding at what a customer would pay in the local comic book store. That way, there will be no discrepancy between the price you pay now and the price a future LCS customer will pay.


Using Quality Management Theory to Build a Comic Publishing Company: The Pocket Jacks Way

Preston Poulter

I was Executive Producer for "Standoff at Sparrow Creek" which you can watch right now on Amazon Prime. I'm currently producing another movie this year. I also created the comic books, "White Lily" and "Guinevere and the Divinity Factory". Learn more about Pocket Jacks Comics and what we do and be sure to check out my Youtube channel for even more reviews.