Those Who Can’t, Teach: Dan DiDio Instructing at The Kubert School

Founded by legendary comic artist and creator, Joe Kubert, The Kubert School is committed to providing a personalized education that will stretch the limits of each students’ talents and potential.  The Kubert School’s curriculum, with a focus on all facets of sequential and narrative art, ensures each graduating student will be equipped with a developed understanding of craft, an enlarged imagination and the work ethic and passion necessary to be an artist for years to come.



Dan Didio will be teaching an online course called “From Concept to Sale”. A recent press release from The Kubert School describes the course, and how DiDio will show students how to develop and present a ideas for a character, book, or series, to publishers or other media outlets. During these weekly sessions, students will discuss and work towards constructing a series bible and a story concept pitch that will generate opportunities in a crowded marketplace.


As Publisher, DiDio directed and oversaw DC Entertainment’s (DCE) publishing business under its key three imprints – DC, Vertigo, and MAD – in both print and digital formats. He worked alongside DCE’s editorial, art & design, production, business development, and sales groups. He would also work in concert with DCE’s Creative Affairs and Franchise Management teams to ensure that publishing continued to create content and help drive the media businesses that use comics as their source of inspiration.


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