The Future of Talent Acquisition: Trends Shaping the Work Environment


In the past few years, job positions, talents, virtual teams and meetings have been in the spotlight as businesses determine a better way to work through and beyond the challenges.


The way we work has dramatically shifted, quicker than anyone could have imagined. If you’re now working from your home office or taking a coffee break from Zoom calls, you’re already experiencing the future of work.


What’s the driving force behind this trend? One of the main factors is that you can hire talents from anywhere around the world, not having to limit the potential and quality they can offer. Living in another country or a continent is no longer an obstacle to pursue the job you like. This advantage has forced businesses to find efficient ways to connect outside the office, and their changes are here to stay. Here are some of the significant working trends that are currently happening:


Nomad working – more of a necessity rather than lifestyle

Physical offices are proven to be collaborative and useful for bonding and better communication of the team. However, businesses have discovered that a remote workforce can perform just as well outside of the traditional working desk. 


On the other side, employees seem to enjoy the ability to choose where they work. Around 80% of the remote or on-site employees say that a remote working opportunity would make them feel happier and appreciated at their job. This opportunity influences on the level of productivity as well, with workers being around 15% more productive when they’re happy in their work environment.


Tech advancements and tools will continue to grow and improve, and it will become even easier to connect to work from almost anywhere in the world. Let’s say that you’re collaborating with an entirely remote iGaming company. With the current growing popularity of online casino games and online slots, it doesn’t matter where you’re established as long as you have a reliable security system and access to collaborative platforms with colleagues. With the help of video conferences being the gathering place of teams, employees will likely choose a remote workstyle over on office setup in the future, whenever possible. If you’re interested to see how this gaming niche has evolved these years with the development of online slots – SlotsWise is your place to check the latest game reviews and news.


Millennials Takeover

Millennials were growing as a tech-savvy, adaptable working force, ready to work in a new way and use digital tools. The operating concept is already heavily influenced by their presence and mindset. As the boomer generation begins to phase out of the workforce, millennials have started to fill the leadership positions of former executives. This takeover brings new leadership style that emphasises innovation and values continuous learning. This generation of millennials grew up in a time where technology was evolving fast, pushing forward the digital transformation’s role in the future of work even further. Another value millennials hold closely to today is the ability to have a flexible schedule. Technology and mobility have made workers available anywhere and anytime. Working at convenient hours so they can balance both professional and personal life is the golden standard that will further allow them a time to unplug and recharge.


Scalable Workforce

The business landscape is changing, and that means the size of the workforce will need to adjust as well. The scalable staff allows for flexibility to adjust as needed, accommodating industry and financial challenges that businesses will face in the future. Hiring a full-time employee is not an easy process, with benefits and insurance expenses being the main obstacle for growing the team. Hiring an external talent can easily solve the average price of the cost per hire. There are many companies and online platforms that offer flexible talent solutions and experts from different fields of work.


Although there is no exact method to predict the future, the current trend within the workforce already provides insights on how the future of work will impact our professional lives.

Susana Romero

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