Modern Technology Used in Animated Comics

Over the past years, technology has been used to facilitate the growth of animations. Today, animated characters are widely used in the online content to enhance engagement with viewers. One of the most popular places you will find animations are online gambling sites. Comics are widely used in online casino games, especially in video slot development. This article covers only the relevant information in an overview about the latest technology that is changing the world of animated comics.


Automated Video Generation

Many people are attracted to the way animations can charm and narrate a story. However, creating high-end animation is not only time consuming but also quite expensive. Thanks to new and advanced technology, you can now create animations with ease. In fact, many content creators create different animations for social media platforms and other sites. Automation has become a norm in various professional fields, not forgetting comic animations.


Live Character Animation

Research done by Forbes Magazine shows that the use of infographics is fast becoming popular. It is estimated that 90% of the information that is transmitted to the brain is in visual form. Moreover, the impact can be bigger if infographics are put in play. Motion can be an incredible instrument of storytelling if used in the right way.


Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality technology has not been around for a long time. Nevertheless, it has proven to be better than its predecessor, virtual reality. This technology has not only been used in animated comics but in other fields as well.


Realtime Mobile Animation

Animations have been used by some of the biggest app brands in the world for some time now. Many renown tech brands are demanding for lightweight scripted animations that can be delivered in the app in real time. These modern techniques have led to the use of dynamic interactive animation sequences. 


Final Word

There is no doubt that animation has been the cutting-edge of motion images since the emergence of the first film. The latest technological advancements in the industry are a proof of what is to come. Although some innovations may seem expensive, they are worth the price as they will take your business to a ne level.

M. Ammar Shahid

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