Mark Waid Allegedly Assaults a Comics Retailer at Retailer Summit


As reported first hand by Dennis L. Barger, Jr. and relayed at Bounding Into Comics, Mark Waid allegedly threw a comic book at Mr. Barger, a comic book retailer, at the recent Diamond Retailer Summit. And yet this offensive act may come as no surprise to those who are familiar with Waid’s reputation for odd behavior in the past. As Bounding Into Comics reported:


WonderWorld Comics co-owner Dennis Barger Jr. recently took to his Facebook to describe an incident with Waid at the Diamond Retailer Summit. According to Barger, after Waid wrapped up his Humanoids presentation he walked off the stage and then pointed at Barger and told the woman he was with, “See that guy. He’s one of the garbage humans I was telling you about.”

Barger then notes that he and Waid steer clear of each other for the majority of the convention. However, when retailers go and visit each publisher, Barger Jr. encountered more hostility from Waid when he arrived at the Humanoids booth.


Barger stated on his Facebook:

“As I walk up to Humanoids booth Mark immediately says ‘Go away Dennis you aren’t welcome here’ while making the shoe away gestures with his hands. I laugh at him and say “I’m a customer coming to check out your product, the lady immediately stands next to mark and remains silent. Mark just continues “go away Dennis we don’t want your business, you’re not even a real comic shop anymore” I again laugh at him and talk directly to the lady in hopes that she has sense “so I’m being denied the preview of your comics?”


As reported, Mr. Waid was there to present his new comic book, “Ignited” as part of series of socially conscious titles assembled under the umbrella of “Humanoids.” The topic of Ignited is that six survivors of a school shooting gain super powers and then visit force upon the people “who allowed this to happen.” It remains to be seen exactly who the intended targets for the survivors ire is going to be, but this author is prepared to wager than they are conservative white males. 


Mr. Barger recorded Mr. Waid’s presentation at the summit and, according to Mr. Berger, as Mr. Waid was leaving the stage, he pointed to Mr. Barger and identified him as a “garbage human” to his associate. Later, Mr. Berger visited the retailer booth for Humanoids where Mr. Waid refused to allow him access and, instead, threw a comic book at him which Mr. Barger had to deflect. I wonder if this will help Mr. Waid’s lawsuit?


Mark Waid allegedly calls a retailer a "garbage human" and throws comic book at him at summit

Preston Poulter

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