Magistrate in Jawbreakers Lawsuit Recommends Trial Proceeds

As previously covered, Richard C Meyer has sued Marvel Comics writer Mark Waid on two causes of action.


  • Defamation for statements Mr. Waid allegedly said on Twitter and at a comic show in Houston
  • Tortious interference with a contract between Mr. Meyer and Antarctic Press to publish Mr. Meyer’s book, Jawbreakers. 


Mr. Waid’s attorney, Mark Zaid, filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit for lack of jurisdiction as Mr. Waid is not a Texas resident. Texas is where Meyer is pursuing the case. A federal magistrate has reviewed the case and issued a recommendation for it to proceed on the tortious interference cause of action, but recommended the defamation cause of action be dismissed. 


Mr. Meyer’s attorney has filed a response to the magistrate’s recommendation noting that he referenced Mr. Waid’s alleged defamatory conduct as being only on Twitter when additional statements were made at a comic festival in Houston. The local judge has decided to allow Meyer’s team to amend the lawsuit to better state the defamation cause of action as referencing events occurring in the State of Texas. 

This is all very good news for Richard Meyer, as I outline in my video below.


Federal Magistrate Recommends Tortious Interference Claim to Proceed to Trial


Preston Poulter

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