DC Doubling Down on Woke? Cherry Named GM After Massive Layoffs


Following last month’s massive layoffs (aka bloodbath), DC has hired former Activision Blizzard Chief Marketing Officer Daniel Cherry to fill the positions of Senior Vice President and General Manager. In this newly created position, Cherry will work in collaboration with Jim Lee, chief creative officer and publisher of DC Comics. Indeed, Lee, who is also one of DC’s most popular superhero artists, is among the few high-level DC editorial executives to remain in place under the recent reorganization of Warner Bros and its subsidiary units.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cherry will begin his role on September 8 and his responsibilities include overseeing “business affairs editorial, talent services, marketing, sales, brand and direct to consumer for DC.” Cherry will report directly to WarnerMedia’s President of Global Brands and Experience Pamela Lifford and will work closely with Senior VP, Business Strategy, Finance and Administration, Anne DePies.



Cherry’s appointment comes after a major reorganization in early August at Warner Bros.,the parent company of DC Comics, and Warner Media, that has led to significant layoffs throughout the company. According to published reports, in addition to laying off a number of long-serving editorial executives, it has been reported that as much as a third of the editorial staff at DC has been let go.


Among those reported to have been laid off are DC editor in chief Bob Harras, senior v-p publishing strategy and support services Hank Kanalz, v-p marketing and creative services Jonah Weiland, vp Bobbie Chase, and editors Brian Cunningham, Mark Doyle and Andy Khouri.


Cherry will be charged with handling the business affairs of editorial, talent services, marketing, sales and the direct to consumer business of DC Comics. In addition, he will oversee business development with Anne DePies, senior vp business strategy, financial and administration.


If anyone thinks this is going to slow the #WOKE-ening of DC Comics, think again. Cherry is certainly active in his support of divisive political movements and proudly displays his bonafides on his LinkedIn profile. Wes and Perch discuss these developments below:



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