Cancel Culture: Indiewire Beclowns Itself Over Ricky Gervais published an op-ed demanding The Golden Globes fire comic Ricky Gervais from hosting the event Jan. 5. Gervais has hosted the event four previous times, often drawing headlines for his bawdy bits and cutting comments.

He doesn’t let critics dictate his material, including his most recent Netflix special, “Humanity.”


Ricky Gervais: Humanity | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


Indiewire would like very much to change what Gervais has to say in public. The op-ed’s headline, “Ricky Gervais and Transphobia Have No Place at the Golden Globes,” makes the site’s intentions clear.


During Gervais’ 2016 stint hosting the ceremony he deadnamed Olympic Gold medalist Caitlyn Jenner from the stage, and transphobic commentary has been a throughline of his work since….


The star of Netflix’s “After Life” opened his 2018 stand-up comedy special “Humanity” – also on Netflix – with not one but three different derogatory remarks about Jenner, discussing her former name, referring to her as a man, as well as discussing surgery and her genitals….


In an age where comedians are rightfully being held accountable[emphasis added] for bigoted words and actions from years prior … Gervais continues to tweet vitriol toward the LGBTQ+ community only to face no repercussions.



When Indiewire takes a leap off the woke cliff, the site’s readers often trash the sentiments in the articles’ comments section. You’d think a news site would take that into consideration. Perhaps our writers’ views don’t reflect the readers’ perspectives.


Not Indiewire.



The site eliminated the comments section for the Gervais op-ed. Readers can comment on other new stories, just not this one.


The editors must have anticipated the blowback and acted accordingly. It’s right in line with the Left’s new policy – silence voices with which we disagree.



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Christian Toto

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