Alterna Comics’ Announced Price Increase Still Beats All Publishers

One of our favorite new comics publishers, Alterna Comics announced via Youtube video last weekend that their entire line of comicbooks would see a pricing increase beginning April 2020. 


  • Their standard comicbooks will be increasing their cover prices from $1.50 to $1.99
  • Their reprint issues under the ICYMI label will be increasing their cover prices from $0.99 to $1.25
  • And the Alterna double-sized horror anthology It Came Out on a Wednesday will “hold the line at $1.99”, but the page count will decrease to 32 pages instead of 40-56 pages


Founder and publisher Peter Simeti explained that these price changes are the result of the cost of doing business while increasing paper and printing costs have added to these costs. There is some indication that the company’s recent change in printing companies as well.


Two dollars an issue is probably not going to hurt most comic book customers’ budget, since it’s only a fifty cent increase, and for those who pre-order their comics, the increase should be even less, but it is unfortunate for Alterna to raise prices at all. Still beats the $5 comic book that Marvel and DC fans are beginning to get used to. 

Check out Peter SImeti’s announcement below:



Holding the Line at $1.99 | News on Cover Prices & Multiple Printings (Alterna Announcement)

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