The Invid Invasion Begins in Robotech #21

“Here come the Invid!” was the cry from an episode of the original series of Robotech, season 3, which was an Americanization of the Japanese anime Mospeda. As discussed in prior reviews, Titan Comics Robotech comic series attempts to blend all of the original three seasons of the show (Macross, Southern Cross, and Mospeda) and blend them into one storyline with unified characters. This was the original vision of Robotech creator Carl Macek who did his best to create an integrated storyline from three independent series each having their own story and cast of characters. 


The introduction of the Invid follows closely after the defeat of the Zentradi Armada last season. But this time around, the cast of characters includes Rick Hunter, Minmey, Lisa Hayes, Karl Riber, and the story just introduced Dana Stering. So, the Invid without any of the Mospeda characters so far. And I think that’s fine. Those characters never really spoke to me. 


Here come the Invid - My review of Robotech #21


Preston Poulter

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