Skipping the Mainstream: Welsh Artist Successfully Crowdfunds Comics

South Wales Argus spoke about a UK artist who’s produced an indie comic titled the Adventures of Tail-Less in Outer Space, which he crowdfunded:


A BLACKWOOD man is thrilled that his comic book dream will be made a reality – after a crowdfunding campaign was reached and exceeded in just 16 hours.

Aria Black, 23, first came up with his Tail-less character while in college and this is the character his comics have been based around since.

[…] He describes it as being perfect for people who loved classic Saturday morning cartoons like Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Thundercats.

Mr Black put the story onto crowdfunding website IndieGoGo to help fund his publication of the comic, with backers able to receive a number of perks including all the comics, figures, extra information showing the development of Tail-less, trading cards, posters and original artwork.

The goal was to raise £2,000 – but within 16 hours of the campaign going live, it has reached and surpassed this number, standing at £2,708 at the time of writing.


Well good for him. This is certainly how comicdom’s bound to look going forward, now that corporatism and commercialism have ruined everything mainstream. Including the family-friendly cartoons he’s paying tribute to. Many creators going forward at this point will have to take good care of their creations if they really care about them, regardless of whether they’re part of a shared universe or not.



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