Review: Spradlin’s ‘The Devils’ Tells a Grim War Story & Tells It Well

I got the pleasure of meeting comic creator Matthew Spradlin at the Dallas Comic Show over the weekend. We both were there selling comics we had created that involved dramatizations of history from World War 2, so we naturally decided to exchange comics.
His story, Devils, is distributed through Antarctic Press and can be found from your local comic book store. The story is about the one of the final battles of the second world war which took place on Ramree island off the coast of Burma. There, a Japanese force decided to retreat from the Americans through an uncharted swap that was, unknown to them, infested with crocodiles.
800 men entered into that swap. 20 emerged. This book stays with that force as the half submerged monster circle in for the kill. The story’s conflict revolves around two moral Japanese soldier who recognize the wrongness of the orders their force carries out. The raping of the local populace is addressed, as is the Nanjing Massacre, an event so horrible that Adolf Hitler himself sent a message to the Japanese asking that they tone it down. The story also dwells on the question of whether one should lay down one’s life carrying out an order one knows to be futile.
Check out my more detailed review video below.

Devils by Antarctic Press tells the story of the Japanese ill-fated retreat on Ramree Island

Preston Poulter

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