Little Bird #4 Degenerates Into Surreal, Unexplainable Imagery

Over the first three issues of Image Comics “Little Bird” series, the story has always been about imagery and feel over substance, but issue 4 seems to surpass David Lynch territory. I do my best to piece together what the story is about, but am still left scratching my head. The Bishop killed Little Bird at the end of issue 3, seemingly only to bring her back to life to attempt to hunt her down and kill her again. Little Bird sees in a surreal vision that she and the boy in the mask are twins. The people of the Fascist Christian alliance of North America are unhappy with the state of Jesus worship in the state and seem on the edge of a revolt for no reason in particular. The boy in the mask decides that the Bishop is not doing God’s will, and so decides to get incinerated. 

The story seems to have gone of the rails of plot and is now just careening wildly between surreal dreamscapes. After getting to the end of the issue, I reallyhave no idea what’s going on. If you can follow what’s going on, please drop me a line. 


What on Earth is happening? - My Review of Little Bird #4

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Preston Poulter

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