Kickstarter Rejects Indie Comic that Depicts MS-13 as Villains

Kickstarter rejected Mike Miller’s latest edition of “Lonestar” citing reasons of not allowing “discrimination, subjugation, or intolerance of a marginalized community” to which Mike Miller responded that it was “nice to see that they considered MS-13 a ‘marginalized group.'” The artwork on which Kickstarter based the rejection showed the character, Lone Star, beating up a Latino (MS-13) gangsters.


This follows on the heels of Neil Gaiman calling out Kickstarter on Twitter last week for the declaration that they did not wish to ever unionize. I believe that the internal political climate of Kickstarter felt that a former CG creator’s comic book project featuring a white superhero beating up a bunch of brown people would just as fuel to the fire.


Kickstarter cites Latino street gang MS-13 as marginalized in rejecting comic book project

Preston Poulter

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