It’s Back! ‘AlternaWeen 2: Newsprint’s Revenge’ Returns!


Last year, Alterna Comics launched their first ever AlternaWeen and with the support of nearly 500 backers, it was a success! The upstart comics publisher who are bringing back newsprint style comics were able to put their comics in the hands of trick or treaters everywhere as well as expand their distribution into stores like Sheetz. This year Peter Simeti is doing it again with even more comics and fun for readers of all ages. AlternaWeen is an important event for many children as these comics will be the first ones that they’ve ever read — and it’ll all be because of YOUR support. 



AlternaWeen is BACK!

Thanks to hundreds of people all over the world, the first AlternaWeen was a hit! Thousands of children got at least one Alterna comic as trick-or-treats for Halloween, with nearly 15,000 comics in total. This Halloween, Alterna is back at it again with even more comics, fun items, and rewards.


The publisher emphasizes that using comics as trick-or-treats, helps grow a new generation of comic book readers as well as creators.  The funds raised will go towards helping Alterna Comics expand their product line into a variety of stores and depending on the stretch goals that get unlocked, they’ll be able to get their comics into convenience stores, grocery stores, dollar stores, and more!



Last year’s AlternaWeen campaign allowed them to purchase a membership at RangeMe — a site that connects companies with product buyers at a large variety of stores. Because of that membership, they were able to get comics onto the magazine racks at Sheetz and were also able to begin communication with several store buyers which will help them expand their product line. 


Distribution expansion is an intensive process and can be costly depending on how much product is needed after a store accepts a pitch for product placement. The funds raised will allow Alterna to take the necessary next steps.



For those that don’t know, Alterna has been around since 2006 and they mostly published graphic novels in the first ten years of their existence. Back in May 2017, they launched a single issue line that featured interiors printed on newsprint. Printing on newsprint is what allows the company to have such affordable cover prices, from .99 cents to $1.50 in most cases!


Part of their newsprint initiative started in 2017, which was to also get comics back on newsstands. The slogan at Alterna is “we make comics for everyone,” but the sad truth is that comic books aren’t as readily available for everyone as they used to be.  Over the past two years, they’ve taken steps to become one of the only publishing companies with newsstand distribution along with traditional comic shop distribution. Alterna is also working with dozens of comic shop retailers directly to get their comics into their stores on a more consistent basis.



This campaign ends on August 31, so they have time to fulfill Halloween orders, so publisher Peter Simeti hopes our readers will spread the word on social media if you can and make sure to use the hash tag #AlternaWeen!


Check out the project page here to support the campaign and get your trick-or-treat bundles!

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