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Welcome back to another installment of Indie Comics Showcase!The weekly blog where we try to spotlight and signal boost indie comics that are currently underway with crowdfunding campaigns, are crowdsourcing their funding in some way, or just completely self-publishing on their own. Every little bit of support counts, from a single dollar pledge to the twenty-five dollar bundle, and of course the higher tiers are usually fun too! In fact, some of these campaigns have got some great higher tiers which add even more value by offering stuff you cannot get anywhere else.


On Indie Comics Showcase interview the creators, show off some art, and tell you how you can check out the product for yourself. Once again, we have some outstanding crowdfunding campaigns this week for you to learn about, enjoy, and hopefully support by backing one or more of them!


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Captain Luv: Rise of the Pirate King
by Drew Eash


Check out the campaign page here!





Chris Braly: What’s the deal with Captain Luv? 
Drew Eash: Captain Luv is a space trucker and a former war hero. Accompanied by a rogue artificial intelligence, named SPAID, he reluctantly finds himself on adventures that could affect the course of the solar system.
CB: Where did this idea originate?
DE: Well, it’s an interesting story. Over six years ago I was writing myself a 30 minute sci-fi short movie. It was designed to be super low budget. Well, I was convinced to turn it into a feature length film, so I did. When I was having storyboards made for the pitch, the illustrator I hired suggested, since the main character’s back story wasn’t covered in the book, I should tell that story in a graphic novel. I thought it was a brilliant idea. We are on the second book now, but the first book “Captain Luv: The Hero Of The Cleansing” is still inDemand on indiegogo and will ship the next business day. The first book is the essential one in the series. It’s the story of how SPAID meets Luv and it covers how he he got his title and the legend of how he might be immortal. 

CB: Why make it into a comic book?
DE: You can do a lot in a comic book medium. Basically, the imagination is the limit. It seemed like a perfect fit. Plus, most of the characters that Captain Luv is based on is from comic books. 
CB: Who is on your creative team?
DE: Well, I am the author and the letterer. Andrea Bormida is the illustrator. He used to work on the Nathan Never series. The colorist is Slamet Mujiono. Andrea contacted me through LinkedIn and I found Slamet on Facebook. They have been delivering consistently terrific work.   
CB: Can you describe the team’s work flow?
DE: The creative process is sometime tedious, but always fun. I write the story in a format for the panels. I provide that to Andrea with that and sometimes roughs to communicate a specific vision. He will then make sketches of the layout and sometimes it’s perfect and other times we butt heads until it is perfect. After the pencils are approved he inks them and after that I send them in groups to the colorist. The colorist sends me proofs and then I tell him changes if there are any. Then I letter the final pages and have it proof read by a few trusted people to catch my mistakes, I fix the mistakes & that’s pretty much it. 
CB: At what stage is the project?
DE: We are currently in the middle of Chapter 2 from “Captain Luv: Rise Of The Pirate King”. Pages 1-13 from Chapter 2 are with the colorist. Chapter 1 is complete and is planned to ship in July. 


CB: Who is this comic for? 
DE: I think most comics fans who really loved Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, James Bond, and especially people who love Han Solo from the Star Wars series. This series is rated MATURE so it will likely be read by people who like nudity, violence, swearing, and other adult themes. You know, stuff you get in an “R” rated movie. 
CB: Any final words for our readers?
DE: I’m trying something a little different with my crowdfunding campaign. I am offering an opportunity for the backer to get a subscription model for this book. The backer can choose to just buy the Chapter 1 and wait for the next campaign to get Chapter 2 or they can be and Executive Producer and get each chapter sent to them as they become available. So they can back once and get 7 deliveries, one for each chapter and the final completed graphic novel. 


CB: Thanks for chatting with us, Drew!
DE: Thank you very much! I truly appreciate talking about it and SPREADING THE LUV so to speak. Keep up the good fight. 

Learn more about Captain Luv here!



by Preston Aevedo


Dr. Victor Frankenstein endures the life threatening wounds inflicted by his very own creation. Igor injects him with the elixir of life, which puts him in a state of suspended animation. When he finally awakes many years have passed and times have changed. The world that he knew is long gone and the tables have turned. Monsters have emerged from the shadows and taken over the underworld. Meanwhile, Dr. Victor Frankenstein is a wanted man for his crimes against humanity due to his creation. Victor assumes the guise of Doc Salem to make amends for his transgressions and hunts down rouge monsters that bring death, destruction and turmoil to the world around them.


Check out Doc Salem Monster Hunter here!


Chris Braly: What is the ‘elevator pitch’ for Doc Salem Monster Hunter? Briefly tell our readers what it’s about.

Preston Aevedo: Most doctors help the sick. But one doctor tried to cure death itself and paid the ultimate price. This is the story of Doc Salem “Monster Hunter”!


CB: Can you let us in on who or what inspired you to make this comic?

PA: As a kid, I always loved Sci-Fi and horror. I wasn’t introduced to comics until I was 10 or 11 years old. But as little kid I loved Frankenstein. To me it was the perfect melding of horror and Sci/FI. Also, if you take a good look at the story theirs no defined villain. Frankenstein to me is incredibly complex! In a sense its almost like a big misunderstanding. When I came up with the Doc Salem. I wanted to play off of the Frankenstein mythos and add in some Lovecraft monsters. But I wanted to take a whole new take on it. I wanted to show people something completely new.
CB: What made you decide a comic book was the best way to tell this story?
PA: I love comics. My imagination has no limit when it comes to comic craft. Because I write and illustrate my comics its and inexpensive way for me to tell my stories. I’ve become very good and fast at creating.


CB: Tell us about your creative team members – who is doing what and how did you come together?

PA:  For Doc Salem I handle all the duties from writing, illustrating to formatting. The only position I didn’t fill is the role of colorist. I have a colorist that I worked with in the past where I ran a contest on Facebook and he stood out above the rest.


CB: What has the creative process been like? What tasks are you handling for this campaign?

PA: Hmm… the creative process. Honestly with Doc Salem it’s been really easy to tell Doc’s story. It’s like it was always there waiting for me to get good enough in story and art to tell it. especially the art, it’s been nothing but fun. It doesn’t feel like work. I honestly dislike anything that takes me away from working on the book. As far as the campaign I handle everything. Lol when you’re and indie creator you have to do everything from building your campaign to mailing out perks. I’m also a control freak when it comes to my projects. Lol


CB: How are you handling fulfillment? It looks like you also just wrapped up the campaign on Rockabilly Roadtrip, are you fulfilling these campaigns at the same time the same way? 

PA: I have partners on Roadtrip. But I’m handling everything with the campaign. Rockabilly Roadtrip is still in demand but even during this pandemic it’s important to me that Rockabilly Roadtrip gets out on time. At the moment Rockabilly has been sent off to the printers. I’m actually waiting on the physical proofs. So right now we’re on schedual, and we will be delivering on time for a may delivery.
Doc Salem is still being worked on but I gave myself more than enough time between projects to make sure they get for filled on time. But if something does come up I’m always sending out updates so that everyone knows what’s going on. I value every one of my Fans, Patrons & Contributors they are the reason I’m able to do this for a living. That why it’s so important to not let them down!
CB: What kinds of comic fans do you think this will appeal to? What are some known comics you might compare this to?


PA: Doc Salem isn’t just my take on Frankenstein, its also a love letter to golden and silver age heroes with a slight twist of mental instability. This book is for people that are fans of Mike Allred’s Madman, Mike Mignola’s Hellboy, classic Batman, and just a hint of Matt Wagner’s Grendel. Doc Salem isn’t anything like a modern mainstream comic. It’s all escapism. I want you to get lost in this story of a madman turned redeemer. When its over, I want you emailing me, demanding the next book.

CB: What else can you share about the project? And do you have any final words for our readers?

PA: Doc Salem vol #1 kicks off the first CG creators crossover between Brian Christgau’s “Six Gun Gorilla” and the Literature Devils “Doc Alpha” I am seriously excited about this. The Literature Devil also contributed a one page 9 panel grid Doc Salem short story. It is seriously incredible! This book is going to be amazing.

CB: Thanks for chatting with us! Good luck and we are rooting for you!

DE: No, Thank you i appreciate this immensely.


Check out Doc Salem Monster Hunter here!




Sword of Eden: An Act of Faith Comics
by Al Nickerson


THE SWORD OF EDEN graphic novel introduces Rebecca Stern as she begins her career as a super-hero. What will happen when our young heroine joins forces with Nemish-Man, Kid-Cockroach, and Professor Jack in retrieving the Sword of Eden (the legendary sword used by angels to keep Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden). In their adventures, our heroes battle demons, zombies, a bunch of ninja, and other super-villains. And how will these super-heroes cope when they must combat mythological villains such as Count Orlok or the Green Knight? If that ain’t enough, will our heroes be capable of locating Noah’s Ark? 


Check out The Sword of Eden books here!


“Combined with characters that are easy to relate to, even if they are superheroes, and highly detailed drawings. Graphic Novels live and die by how the drawings add to the story and the An Act of Faith series does not disappoint. Characters are distinct and unique, and the world they inhabit is crisp and fun.”



Al Nickerson was a comic book inker for Archie Comics for years, is also the creator of The ARGGH!!! Chronicles comics and has been a writer for Back Issue Magazine.


Chris Braly: What is the ‘elevator pitch’ for The Sword of Eden? Briefly tell our readers what it’s about.

Al Nickerson: THE SWORD OF EDEN is a 220-page graphic novel that tells the story of a young girl who has just begun her career as a superhero. At some point in my career, I started getting tired of working in secular and work-made-for-hire comics. I realized that I had, and have, a very blessed career working in comics and animation. I wanted to give back to God. With THE SWORD OF EDEN, I’m using comics to share the Gospel, as well as create comics that Christians can enjoy reading without them feeling that they’re compromising Christian principles.

If you’re asking me about my art influences, people who have had an impact my art style and how I tell a story, then I would have to mention fellas like Will Eisner, Jack Kirby, John Byrne, Terry Austin, Frank Miller, Klaus Janson, Patrick Nagel, Andrew Loomis, Norman Rockwell, and Jack Cole.


CB: What made you decide a comic book was the best way to tell this story?

AN: Comics, Sequential Art, is a powerful literary artform. Comics have the potential to tell important stories. It’s a wonderful medium in which to convey powerful messages. Comics should be used to share life lessons. This is what makes certain comics different than other comics, where you have stories with an intention (and importance) instead of stories that are created solely to entertain.



CB: Tell us about your creative team members – who is did what and how did you come together?

AN:  No team members. THE SWORD OF EDEN is written, drawn, and self-published all by my lonesome. Also, I enjoy the business side of working in the comic book industry. I’ve self-published before, but never with such a huge book. That has been incredibly time-consuming… proofing a couple hundred pages and dealing with a printer with such a large publication. And lugging a one-hundred pound box of your books to FedEx to be shipped to your online distributor ain’t so easy, either.




CB: How are you handling fulfillment? Are you strictly digital or do you ship floppies / graphic novel trades as well? 

AN:  Well, THE SWORD OF EDEN was, initially, sold as a downloadable digital comic books series. (But, no longer.) Then, readers kept asking to have the book collected in print. There’s ordering details at my website ( There, readers can purchase THE SWORD OF EDEN through, PayPal, eBay, Amazon, and even a check or money order through snail-mail works. 



CB: What kinds of comic fans do you think this will appeal to? What are some known comics you might compare this to?

AN: Right now, it’s mostly a Christian audience. I do want to say that, so far, I’ve regretably been ignored by the secular comic book market – well, I’ve certainly been ignored by Diamond Comic Distributors… but, when I did a signing at a secular comic book convention, I did get amazing support from non-Christian readers. I’m hoping that that demographic will grow. I’m not sure what other books can be made as a comparison. I just make the kinds of comics that I would like to read which are fun super-hero stories with strong Christian themes.



CB: What else can you share about the project? And do you have any final words for our readers?

AN: If you want to succeed in having a career in art, especially in such competitive fields as comics and animation, then you have to be a smart business person. You have to be persistent. You have to keep drawing.

What has happened to morality in our culture? What has happened to morality in our entertainment? Why do some of our heroes act more like villains? And why are villains and monsters in entertainment treated like the good guys? While teaching Sequential Art to college students, I often start a conversation about these very topics. I ask the question: “What has happened to our morals?” Not too long ago, one student replied: “We have none.” How scary is that… especially coming from a young person who stated it in such a matter-of-fact manner?



I’m trying to fix that with THE SWORD OF EDEN.

It’s important to know the Truth of things. Don’t let liars and people who are filled with hate influence your work or what you have to say. We live in a broken and sinful world in need of the Savior. Repent and believe in Jesus the Messiah.



CB: That’s great, Al! Many blessings to you and on this project. We’re rooting for you!

AN: Thanks, man. And thanks for your time, Chris. I always dig me some Bleeding Fool. You guys rock!


Check out The Sword of Eden books here!





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