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Hello friends and readers, welcome back to Indie Comics Showcase. The weekly blog where we try and bring you our pics of the top Indie Comics from across the web, as well as interviews with their creators. We have some truly outstanding crowd funding campaigns this week for you to learn about, enjoy, and hopefully support by making a pledge!


Remember that every little bit counts, from the single dollar pledges to the ten dollar, and of course the higher ones. Some of these campaigns have got some great higher tiers which add even more value by offering stuff you can’t get anywhere else. Thank you all for being the best part of Indie Comics Showcase! Let’s jump in!



A god is murdered in 1980’s New York City, and it’s now up to immortal private detective Casper Clay to find the killer.

Please Visit The Campaign Site Here.


John: Matt, Welcome to and thank you for being a part of Indie Comics Showcase. I am so very happy to be discussing your Indie Comic Fallen with you today.  

Matt: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me and help me get the word out about my first comic!


John: Before we get started I was hoping you could tell us a little bit about yourself .

Matt: I was born and raised in a small town in Southern Ontario. I moved to Ottawa for University where I now live just outside of. My professional background has nothing to do with writing or comics, so it was a rewarding challenge to learn about the industry and how to make comics. In my spare time I’ve also been co-host on a Nerdy podcast where I’ve had the chance to chat with celebrities and comic industry pros. It was through my discussions and interactions with the writers and artists that I decided to pursue my dream of making comics.


John: Without giving away any spoilers, what can you tell us about Fallen? Where it’s been, where it’s going, and your plans for the future?

Matt: Fallen issue #1 is in production so it hasn’t really been anywhere except my head. It originally started out as a novel but as I started writing and the project took shape, I started seeing it would be better suited in a comic format. I was nervous to take that leap, I was hoping to slowly wade myself into the comic industry eventually but I was so passionate about Fallen that I wanted to do the story justice. When I finally worked up the courage to have some people read my script, I was told that it was something I needed to bring to life. Fallen is an ambitious project for it being my first comic. I have an entire mini (more of a macro) series over several issues and three phases planned. There’s also many other spin off possibilities but for the time being I have to try and keep myself grounded and just focus on getting this first issue out.


John: What are some of the first comics you remember reading?

Matt: I was in to comics from a very young age. Many of my first books were Superman stories, but I also remember reading books like X-Force #100 and Ninja Turtles.



John: What are some of the comics that have made the biggest impact on you?

Matt: That’s a great question. I’d say the Superman books are what got me into comics when I was a kid, but books like Watchmen, Preacher and Spawn are a few that have helped keep me into them. Books like those helped me expand my tastes and look beyond the big 2 publishers. There’s also numerous indie authors out there right now that are creating very inspiring works that showed me that sometime blazing your own trail is the way to go.

John: What does Fallen mean to you, what about it makes it a story you want to tell?



Matt: Fallen combines a lot of different elements I’m very passionate about. I’m a huge fan of the 80’s as an era. There’s a ton of awesome content that came from that decade but I also love seeing new content that has stories based in the 80’s that embellish the nostalgia a little bit. Stranger Things does a great job at that. I also love good detective stories and have borrowed some elements from other noire tales like Max Payne and Blade Runner. Lastly, another large part of Fallen is the mythological background to the story. Ancient mythology is like the historical version of the comic stories we have today. They have rich lore with compelling protagonists and antagonists. I wanted to take all of that and make something of my own from it and that’s what Fallen is.

John: What are some of the things that have served as a source of Inspiration when working on for? Do you read anything, watch any shows, listen to music as you work?

Matt: I took inspiration from many different sources. Like I mentioned, Stranger Things, Max Payne and Blade Runner have been big influences. I was also influenced by the comic Fables and the game The Wolf Among Us that was based on it. Some of the world from Fallen was also inspired by the criminal underworld you see in the John Wick movies. When I need motivation to write, I have a few 80’s music playlists that I play.


John: Can you tell us a bit about your creative process?

Matt: My process isn’t too out there. It usually starts as some scribbles and diagrams in a notebook.  Then over the next little while I storyboard out the main plot points. When it’s time to write I brew up a big pot of bold, black coffee and sit down and start writing. If I can, I’ll try and do an entire draft in one sitting. Then I leave it for a few days and go back and read everything over and do my edits and rewrites. When I think it’s ready, I pass it to my wife and have her read it. For Fallen, her tastes and preferences in comics makes her in my target audience and she’s also a very critical reader. If she gives it the thumbs up I know it’s something to keep working on.

John: What have some of your influences been over the years and how have they affected your work?

Matt: I’m a pretty big nerd, so I’ve been in love with comics, games and movies for a very long time. The reasons why these things exist are to be a way for us to escape from our daily lives, politics and problems of the world. From an inappropriately young age I watched movies like Poltergeist, Alien and The Shining. Movies like that taught me that if you’re telling a great story, you shouldn’t be afraid to lean into the dark corners of writing. Movies like Star Wars, Ghostbusters and Blade Runner influenced my work in the sense that I love the flawed protagonist. The character that makes mistakes, takes his lumps but because of his nature doesn’t give up.



John: What are your hopes for Fallen for the future?

Matt: I have high hopes for Fallen. I’m also trying to stay focused and pragmatic that this first issue is a big hurdle. It’s a comic I’d want to read and I hope others also want to. I really hope it goes the distance and I hope readers get to see the finale I have planned for it.

John: Is there anything else you want to share with us before we sign off?

Matt: I hope people keep supporting the indie talent out there! There’s amazing people in the industry creating incredible stories. I know there is a lot of issues these days with some of the big publishers and what has been happening to historic characters but remember that there are hundreds if not thousands of other stories out there to support!



John: Once again Matt, I would like to say thank you for being a part of indie comics showcase. We wish you the best of luck on this campaign and all future projects.

Matt: Thanks again! I hope you’ll see more from me!


As of the writing of this installment the campaign for Fallen has been Fully Funded! With good reason too, as it has a wonderful team behind it! There are still eight days left if you want to show your support for this Indie Passion Project. 86 backers pledged a total of $1,802, which is extraordinary and there are plenty of stretch goals to unlock. Check It Out!



DOOR KICKERS: Panzer Demon
by Scott McCullough

SPECIAL OPS use magic and advanced weapons to take on horrific otherworldly creatures


The story begins with a successful raid on a cultist group that recovers actionable intel that leads the Doorkickers against one of the most terrifying and evil threats ever. Only the experience and talents of these apex warriors can bring them through this nightmarish fight. DOORKICKERS: PANZER DEMON is a 48-page full-color square bound graphic novel written by Scott McCullough, with art by Ian Waryanto, colors by Faradilla Nurmaliza, and letters by Eric Weathers.


Check out the campaign here!


Chris Braly: Thanks for chatting with me, Scott. Briefly tell our readers what Doorkickers is all about. 

Scott McCullough: Doorkickers is the story of an elite team of special operators who fight horrific otherworldly threats with magic and advanced weapons.  It’s kind of like Zero Dark Thirty meets H.P. Lovecraft with some DnD style magic items thrown in.  

Chris: Can you let us in on who or what inspired you to make this?

Scott: As a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, my imagination was inspired by working in close concert with both special operations forces and civilian agencies.  I merged this real-life grounded approach with my love of cosmic horror and adventure fiction.  The result is Doorkickers! 



Chris: What made you decide a comic book was the best way to tell this story?

Scott: I’ve been a fan of comics since I was a kid.  Like any hobby I’ve fallen in and out of love with comics over the years.  When I finally had this story to tell, I could think of no better medium than comics.  Plus what kid doesn’t dream of being a comic creator, and now I can say I am one.



Chris: Tell us about your creative team members – who is doing what and how did you come together?

Scott: Ian Waryanto is the artist and he and I have been buddies on Facebook for a while.  I told him we should do something together and he was on the top of my list of guys to work with when I decided to move forward with this project.  The rest of the team came later.  The colorist is Faradilla Nurmaliza. She, like Ian, is from Indonesia.  Ian recommended her to me and when I saw her samples it was another easy decision.  And the final member of the interior team is Eric Weathers on letters, that guy is a beast.  The cover art is a special story, the artist of the cover A is Tedd Lehman.  He was just a fan and contacted me about doing some fan art based on the 10-page preview that I distributed prior to launching the campaign.  Based on the strength of that and another drawing, I hired him immediately. As you can see, the results are amazing.  I can’t diminish the role of Faradilla once again who provided the colors for the A cover.  The B cover was done entirely by my friend Narwahl, the creator of Earthbound.  He brought a much looser and free style in comparison to Tedd’s tight detailed pencils. Narwahl’s ability to capture action with his dynamic style made him a good fit with such an action oriented book.



Chris: What has the creative process been like? What tasks are you handling in this campaign?

Scott: The creation of this book has been a huge learning curve for me.  On my past comics projects, as a writer, I just provided the script and some reference imagery and that was it.  With DOORKICKERS, I own the whole process from soup to nuts.  I hired the team, worked out the work flow.  I provided notes and ensuring each piece of the book worked with the others.  It’s been a very fulfilling experience and each member of the team has really brought it with their contributions to DOORKICKERS. 



Chris: Can you tell us what stage is the project is in currently?

Scott: At this point, two days into the campaign, we are about 50% funded.  I have commissioned the first 6 pages to be completed immediately and when we are fully funded I will pull the trigger and have Ian finish the rest of the book.  Over the next few weeks I will be showing completed pages and a pin-up, also the folks can expect a few surprises as well.

Chris: The campaign features some color and some black & white art. What will be the format of the comic?

Scott: The basic product is a 48 page full color comic with a primary cover and a variant.  If we meet some of our stretch goals we will add the 10 preview story as a backup as well as some behind the scenes content.



Chris: What else can you share about the project? And do you have any final words for our readers?

Scott: I just want to thank the strong initial support from the #Comicsgate community.  They have come out in force to support DOORKICKERS and I am humbled by their praise and financial support.  I will continue to engage on a daily basis through the campaign and social media.  If anyone has any questions or comments about the project, I’m easy to find.

Chris: Any final comments?

Scott: For me it’s all about making my customers happy and giving them a quality book and this is the essence of comicsgate. 



Chris: Thanks for chatting with us Scott! The comic looks great. We’re rooting for you!

Scott: Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our book with your readers!


Check out the campaign here!



StarBlades Volume One
by Kyle Ritter



An original story of swords and sorcery from comic artist Kyle Ritter!

Kyle Ritter has been working in the comic-making business for almost 8 years and was most recently the colorist for the smash Indiegogo success CYBERFROG: BLOODHONEY! Now he is creating his very own graphic novel,  STARBLADES, and it is the first book in a planned trilogy starting off as a 48 page graphic novel!

Check out the campaign page here!


Chris: Kyle, you’ve been working in comics since back in September 2010. And now you’ve launched your own project with StarBlades Volume One on Indiegogo. What can you tell us about the story?
Kyle: The story has been a labor of love. There is a lot of 90’s influence in the character designs and story. The dragon idea was actually something I had created a long time ago. The idea for Star Wolf came about from brainstorming on Twitter. Everything else just seemed like a natural fit. I  think the primal animal element was the thing that really brought it all together. After that everything else just sort of fell into place.
Eventually within the StarBlades universe, I want to explore the characters’ individual backstories. I have a bunch of stories that I’d like to tell at some point. I’d really like to show the story of young love between Warrok and Anora and how that went wrong. Also, Tyrus and his past life as a master thief, losing his hands and how Warrok helped him escape from prison and become a hero.
One of the most fun things about writing this book is that I get to keep layering in all this mythology and evolving the characters as you learn new things about them.
Chris: Where did this idea come from? What inspired it?
Kyle: It actually came about from a dream I had. I woke up and thought, “Oh I need to write this down!” It takes a lot from shows I loved as a kid. There’s a bit of Power Rangers, Dragonball Z, and X-Men in there. It has a lot of late 90’s Top Cow influence as well. It’s really a superhero book with fantasy elements.  
Chris: Tell me about your creative team? Are you writing, drawing, coloring, and editing everything?
Kyle: I do everything. I’m really working hard to give the best product I can to you all. I want to create comics that make everyone happy. That’s why I created StarBlades for you all.
Chris: What has been your favorite aspect about the process?
Kyle: It has always been my dream to one day create a comic book and at 29 years old, I am blessed to finally get there.
Chris: Tell us about your creative process. Where do you begin when you’re doing your own art from idea to finished product?
Kyle: There is a lot of work that goes into art from beginning to end. Usually, I do research on my computer first, whether it is looking up colors for textures of skin color, or animal colors, or metal colors, etc. I use a color wheel on my computer to help make the best possible pairings I can. Also, pictures with  many panels on the page means you have to be careful where you place your light source so that it will pass through panels correctly. Some artists will ink where a colorist would want to apply color. These are all things I consider when making my own pieces.

Chris: How is the campaign doing so far? Have you been surprised at the response?

Kyle: The project is doing great! My fans have been so supportive and Ethan Van Sciver has been there to help me with awesome advice. Life is good when you have real people who love you, Chris. Love and caring make the world go around and my world is just amazing and rocking because of real people. I’m extremely humbled by the positive response StarBlades has received. Love to the people, they rock! 
Chris: That’s awesome! Are you starting to think about volume 2 yet?
Kyle: I already have big plans for StarBlades 2 and 3, but I’m keeping those details under wraps for now.  
Chris: Of course. What else would you like to tell our readers about StarBlades and the campaign?
Kyle: I just want people to know it’s action packed, lots of surprises between StarBlades and the evil out there. Plus the underwater world is very, very interesting. I just want to put out one heck of an awesome comic book that keeps everyone excited and on the edge of their seat and coming back for more.  
Chris: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me, Kyle.
Kyle: It was my pleasure, thank you and the fans for loving all my hard work, and let’s keep comic books alive and keep life real. 




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