Get Your Own Original Superhero Character Concept Published


Indie comics publisher Grok Comics is offering a limited opportunity for creators that have conceived their own original comic book characters, but never actually put them in a comic. They’ve launched a project that could potentially put your creation in print. 


The publisher has four slots open to spotlight undiscovered creations in their upcoming comic Tribulation Taskforce: Secret Files #4. Creator Bill Raupp says he first conceived of the idea when some friends showed him a sketch of a few characters they created. The creator was quite proud of them and wanted to see them in print, but didn’t want to go through the task of composing a story or producing a comic book themselves.


That’s when Raupp got the idea for this campaign.



He is now offering multiple options to interested creators. Either their character gets to be a part of The Tribulation Taskforce: Allies group shot in the upcoming book from Grok Comics, along with a brief write up about that character, and link to the creator’s website or social media. Or Raupp and his team will create a Marvel Universe/Who’s Who style full-page character profile for the book based on your character.


Raupp also assures creators that the all rights to that character will remain with the original creator! This is a limited opportunity and the offer is scheduled to end on November 15, 2021.


The way it will work is creators can send sketches of their creation or simply a detailed description and one of the artists for Grok Comics will handle all the artwork. Creators will also receive a digital file of their rendered character. Currently, Secret Files #4 is about 90% complete, beyond these character pages. 



For the uninitiated, The Tribulation Taskforce tells the story of a coming world dictator named Apollyon who is on a mission to bring forth the last days, but before the appointed time. Under a platform of world peace, this dictator uses his position in the UN to assemble a team of super-powered warriors assist him in his true, hidden goal, which is the destruction of mankind. This biblically inspired tale also features the hero Grok, who along with the Apostle John (who is still alive), search out the globe’s greatest heroes to combat the oncoming threat. 


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