Finding a Printer During the Zombie Apocalypse!

Even more-er words of caution by George Peter Gatsis ( youtube twitter ) for Bleeding Fool.


I am under the assumption that as a BLEEDING FOOL reader, you know everything there is to know about using a double edged seasoning knife to slice up commentary you find in a newspapers, even thou you continue to work like a slave at the local Coelacanth farm.

Well hold onto that seasoning, it’s going to help you spread the word as a concert of protesting screams and pleas for help, can be heard as a simple question comes to mind, “What is the best printer for my comic book?”

Where do you begin as the evil undead zombies continue to claw at your door? And just how much seasoning will it take to get the word out?

Well, lets start off with a simple SPREAD of numbers.


Are you printing one comic book?

Well then, get yourself a 11×17 printer and some nice paper and YOUTUBE the concept of PRINTER SPREADS to help you understand how the pages of a book back up each other and print it out.
Click here for some COLOR PRINTER options.


Are you printing one customized book? Such as a ring bound book, or cerlox ring book?

Well then printing standard letter size back to back pages is all part of the standard settings for home printers today.
Click here for COIL BINDING options.


Is a home printer of ANY kind too much money for you to have at home? Or is all this PRINTING MOMBO JOMBO to in the cards for you?

Get over to the local copy shop and give them your files, but make sure you leave behind some instructions of what you are expecting when they finish the job. During the wait time, why don’t you go across the street to the coffee shop, pretending to sip an expensive coffee (when it’s really just chocolate milk) in a crowd of loud people talking about big deals and making lots of money, while on their phones, sitting all day!
Click here for some ideas when going to a LOCAL COPY SHOP.


Are you printing 10 or 20 or 1000 books?
Well then, find yourself a local HIGH END DIGITAL PRINTING SERVICE.
It will cost you a set up fee, of about 10 expensive coffee cups, or 20 large french fry servings.
The cost per book will be about the cost of 1 large order of fries.
Click here for some GOOGLE searches regarding digital printing.


Are you printing MORE than 1000 books?

Well then, find yourself a LOCAL TRADE PRINTER.
Very IMPORTANT: Do not go to a commercial printer. They will end up charging as much as the most expensive wine you can find at a beer store.
There are Trade Printers every where! Look them up.
Tell them what you are looking for and what you expect.
If you are reasonable with your expectations and gold-plated logo stamping with embossed letters is NOT something you are expecting, then you are in good hands.
Click here for more info regarding TRADE PRINTING.


Are you printing a HECK OF A LOT MORE books than your car’s suspension system can handle?

Well then the trade printer can certainly help you out with that for sure!
They have a wide variety of additional services to meet your needs as long as you can afford the cost, otherwise you will be shown to the nearest exit door that leads down a sliding ramp, to a gaping hole over the Golden Gate Bridge that has a view to a kill.

While you are considering which printing option is best for you, consider the possibility that the zombie hordes of THE-WAY-IT-USED-TO-BE, will always be at your door step trying to convince you their way is the only way.

It’s not, you have so much seasoning, you can control the seasoning. The seasoning is life. The seasoning must flow.

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