Bleeding Fool’s ‘Indie Comics Showcase’ Interview Questionnaire


Please answer the following questions about your project. You can disregard any questions that you feel do not apply to your project. Please make sure your responses are full sentences, and that you try to use at least 1-2 sentence answers for each of the formal interview questions.


Filling out this form does not guarantee publication of your interview. If we have any follow up questions, we will contact you through the email you provide. Check out previous Indie Comics Showcase interviews here


Name / Role
URL of the campaign or sales platform
3-4 sentences that describe the story, make it engaging. How many pages? Color or black & white?
First tell us how you came up with the idea, then explain why you're doing it on your own. No more than 5-6 sentences
Simply put, what genre and demo is this best suited for? (Don't just say ALL COMIC READERS)
Give us some background on your experience with comics here. 3-4 sentences max
Tell us the names of your team (if there is one) and what they did on the book. If you want to tell how you hooked up with them, that's find 4-5 sentences max
Give us a sense of how you like to work. If the book is totally ready to buy or go to print, you can ignore part two of this question
This can be anything. Creatively, logistics, marketing, finding a printer, labor, etc. 3-4 sentences max
3-4 sentences max
What's unique about this project?
This is the last formal published question.
Links or @name on Twitter. No other social media links
Include a direct link to any promo video you created for the project
If you're running a crowdfunding campaign, include the start date if you are not live, and if it is live, give us the end date. This helps us schedule our publishing
We like to include cover art, and at least 5 pages or separate panels for the interview. A link to where we can grab those is needed