World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Tips and Tricks


The release of Shadowlands has changed a lot in World of Warcraft. The new expansion brought a bunch of additions to the already huge MMORPG . One of the main and at the same time the most anticipated changes was the reworking of the leveling system. The maximum level has been lowered to 60, which should reduce the total time required for leveling. The amount of experience and gold received, as well as all questing rewards, have been reworked accordingly. For some players, the leveling process seems like the most boring necessity that needs to be done. 


The most interesting content in World of Warcraft, like new dungeons and raids, awaits players only after reaching level 60. The actual PvP season unlocks only after level cap too. We have prepared for you a selection of tips and tricks that will allow you to prepare your character as quickly and efficiently as possible and quickly start endgame content in Shadowlands. In this article, you will find out the most suitable areas for leveling. We will also tell you about the quickest leveling method called “Boosting”. 


WoW Shadowlands leveling tips

The first thing that any player who starts leveling needs to decide on is the choice of an expansion in which he will persuade him to develop his character. If you are starting to play WoW for the first time, then there is not much choice: first, you will go through the starting training island, where you will get the basic skills of the game, and then go directly to Battle for Azeroth. If you have decided to create an alt-character, the situation becomes more problematic. Of course, you can go the same way and complete the BfA expansion again. Yet this definitely will be boring and monotonous, as you have to repeat the same content twice.


Seems difficult? There are gamers who can do all the routine activities instead of in World of Warcraft Shadowlands – it’s called powerleveling. WoW level boost is the best way to reach the maximum level, upgrade renown or to get exalted reputation. All the powerleveling services can be found on Their boosters are able to level up your character for 5-8 hours while you will level it for more than 20 hours. Consider leveling services to save your time and nerves.



Let’s continue with leveling! At Shadowlands you can choose the desired expansion to spend your time at by visiting Chromie – a special NPC that changes the timeline depending on your choice. Let’s speak about the available expansions, their main advantages, and disadvantages. 


Burning Crusade – the first WoW expansion. It is a collection of the most outdated content. This add-on is only suitable for die-hard fans of the game who are interested in learning about the lore of this expansion and going through the history of the Burning Legion from start to finish. Quests in this add-on are long and do not bring a lot of experience and rewards.


Wrath of the Lich King – may be the best expansion for WoW ever made and a personal favorite of many players. Yet it suffers from the same problems as Burning Crusade: outdated gameplay mechanics, long and monotonous quests with bad rewards, inability to normally increase your professions’ skills. 


Cataclysm – controversial expansion, which for many became the reason for leaving the game. However, this addition can be considered the “best of the worst” for leveling. Quests are compactly grouped by location and take much less time than in previous expansions. Remember that some of the zones in Cataclysm are locked before reaching the necessary levels. 


Mists of Pandaria – this addon will be a perfect choice for players who prefer calm gameplay, a unique Asian atmosphere, and a lot of various collectibles to find and unlock. However, this is not the quickest expansion in terms of leveling. 



Legion – this is an add-on that is well suited for fast leveling. However, the main problem is that you will have to spend a lot of time completing the questline associated with the Artifact Weapon upgrading. 


Warlords of Draenor – while being one of the worst expansions by opinions of most of the players in the history of WoW, it is also the most suitable add-on for leveling. WoD is full of various bonuses and systems that will help you to quickly reach 50 level. The Garrison is a perfect helper for players who are trying to quickly prepare their characters for Shadowlands. 


Battle for Azeroth – another good expansion for leveling. You will visit various locations, complete interesting questlines, and get the desired level within a week of playing.  There are a lot of rare mobs that will help you with starting gear. However, bonuses gained from Heart of Azeroth have lost all advantages with the release of Shadowlands. 


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The best trick to become better in WoW

Even if you have decided to level up your character at Warlords of Draenor, it still will take a lot of your free time. For most of the players, leveling up an alt-character is a boring and monotonous process. During it you are required to visit locations you have previously seen, complete quests you have previously completed, and spend your time finishing outdated instances. The best trick is to purchase a boosting service – a perfect way of quick and effective leveling. Our professional boosters will assist you in reaching both 50 and 60 levels from any starting point. We are also ready to improve your professions’ skills, complete the gearing necessary for endgame content and do everything necessary to grant you a comfortable gaming time. With us, WoW will lose the title of the “second job” and become a beloved game again. 


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