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The latest expansion to World of Warcraft is well and truly upon us, and as you’d expect, there are new raids for players to tackle, with Castle Nathria being the very first. There are ten bosses to tackle, and plenty of loot and gold to earn, with the final battle coming up against Sire Denathrius.


Raid dates for Castle Nathria

Much like any other World of Warcraft expansion, Castle Nathria will have varied release dates for Raid Finder difficulties, and you can see the schedule below:


  • Normal Heroic difficulties available – 08/09 December
  • Blood From Stone Mythic Castle Nathria Raid finder Wing 1 – 15/16 December
  • The Leeching vaults Raid Finder Wing 2 05/06 January
  • Reliquary of Opulence Raid Finder Wing 3 – 19/20 January
  • An Audience with Arrogance Raid Finder Wing 4 – 02/03 February



Arrival at Castle Nathria

Towering high above Revendreth is where Castle Nathria is located, and the center of Revendreth is where you can find the entrance to the castle. The menagerie of the Master flight path is one of the closest available right now.



Castle Nathria Boss listing

Castle Nathria is no easy feat. You’ll need to take on and kill every available boss in order to continue your journey.


The very first boss you encounter is Shriekwing. Once you take this boss down, you will unlock Huntsman Altimor, Sun King’s Salvation, and Artificer Xy’Mox.


This raid has a number of possibilities, which will be determined by which boss you wish to tackle.

  • The Council of Blood is unlocked as a result of defeating Artificer Xy’Mox and Sun King’s Salvation.
  • The Hungering Destroyer is unlocked by taking down Huntsman Altimor, and with the defeat of Hungering Destroyer, you will unlock Lady Inerva Darkvein.


Killing Lady Inerva Darkvein and Council of Blood will open the path to the remaining three bosses. You will need to tackle them as follows:

  • Sludgefist
  • Stone Legion Generals
  • Sire Denathrius


If you’re having a hard time defeating the bosses, you might want to consider Castle nathria boosting methods to make things a little simpler.


Raid Skip at Castle Nathria

Deep within Castle Nathria is a quest called Getting a Head, and successfully completing this will allow players to use a skip in Castle Nathria. The skip endpoint is currently not common knowledge, but Stone Legion Generals is where we believe it will lead.


Four Sludgefist’s Head is obtainable from Sludgefist are required, and there is only one boss dropped item acquirable each week, meaning it’ll take players four weeks to finish.


Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulties each have their own quests.



Castle Nathria available loot

You can expect to get the following item level loot from the first eight bosses:

  • 187 LFR, 200 Normal, 213 Heroic, 226 Mythic


The final bosses of the raid are Stone Legion Generals and Sire Denathrius, and they have a tendency to drop some higher tier loot:

  • 194 LFR, 207 Normal, 219 Heroic, 233 Mythic


Castle Nathria makes Titanforging and Warforging impossible; however, you can expect to obtain weapon drops via bosses that drop Anima Spherules during the raid. Covenant type weapons are available through exchanging these Spherules with the Covenant Sanctum Weaponsmiths, so its not all bad news!


There are plenty of 100% drop rates applicable to legendary recipes in Castle Nathria, which is good to know.


Are there achievements for castle Nathria?

There are a number of achievements in Castle Nathria, as we’ve seen from other raids. Although not currently available, there is no mount or title applicable to Cutting Edge: Sire Denathrius or Ahead of the Curve: Sire Denathrius. 


We hope you have found our Wow Castle Nathria getting started guide useful. Drop us a line in the comments and let us know how your progress is going.


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