Why Aren’t Government Simulation Video Games More Popular?


We are living in an age where there are simulations for everything. Goats, farms, and aquariums can all be experienced in game form. You can even become a bus driver for the day in Bus Simulator if you’re that way inclined. For people who have aspirations of becoming politicians, there are simulators that provide that experience. But are these games any good? And can they give players the skills they need to start a career in the government?


What Titles are Available to Play?


Let's Play Conflict: Middle East Political Simulator


For computer players, there are numerous titles to choose from which are directly related to government simulation. These include games like Balance of Power, Conflict: Middle East Political Simulator, and Power Politics. SuperPower and SuperPower 2 were also enjoyable offerings which put players in the position of a state leader.


In addition to specifically government-focused content, there are also certain aspects of other games which focus on politics. For example, in the SimCity series players have the chance to become mayor of the cities they create. Civilization is another game which gives players control over resources – and even has a revolution option as well.


Do they Have Offers and Promotions?

Despite there being a fair few games on the market which have aimed to provide an experience of politics, none have been extremely successful. They certainly haven’t come anywhere close to the best-known simulators like The Sims. The fact that the subject matter is somewhat of a niche is probably the reason for this.


An online politics game like NationStates may have found more success if the developers had aimed to attract players through offers and promotions. This is a common technique of online game providers, with the iGaming industry being a prime example of somewhere where the method has succeeded. There are so many offers to be found at online casinos, that specialist sites exist to help players find the best promotions. For example, players can get the exclusive Caesars Online NJ bonus from BonusFinder, which is a 100% welcome deposit match that enables players to try out table games and slots alike. 



Could These Games be a Good Way to Get Into Politics?

It may strike some people as amusing to think that playing politics games could be a way into a career in the sector, but these types of simulations have actually been used in the past to prepare people for real-world situations. There are certain training drills which are done through this type of software, including managing law enforcement policies and hospital responses to emergency situations. By seeing these things play out in a simulation, government officials are able to analyse whether their ideas would be successful if implemented in real life.


The fact that the simulation genre is so saturated with endless things to do makes it hard for a certain set of games to stand out. Politics is a niche subject matter for the gaming industry and, without offers and promotions, the game developers will struggle to attract mass audiences. With that said, people who do have a keen interest in politics could look into playing simulations to prepare for a career in the field.

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