Video Game Review: Cthulhu Saves Christmas


Wow! My first Video Game Review! I hope I do this right!


Zeboyd Games is an interesting company usually handling in Retro-JRPG style games that are cheap, a modest length, and funny as all hell. The Fourth Wall is rarely ever existing in these games!


Their claim to fame was Cthulhu Saves the World where Cthulhu is forced to become a hero in order to regain his dark Powers! It’s as hilarious as it sounds! Well, a few years later, the guys at Zeboyd decide to create a prequel where Cthulhu saves Christmas from the League of Christmas Evils!


Cthulhu Saves Christmas Trailer


It’s a great game, if a bit linear compared to prior games. But for a holiday themed game, it’s damn good and has nice replay value. I recommend getting it!


Estimated time for 1 play through on medium difficulty is around 4-5 depending on play style.


$9.99 USD for the game. $4.99 USD for soundtrack.  Discounted game + soundtrack planned for about $13 USD and the game is now available on Steam & GOG and was just released this past Monday, December 23rd on Steam.


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Video Game Reviews From the Multiverse: Cthulhu Saves Christmas

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