Top 3 eSports Games Chosen by Fans of Competitive Organized Gaming

People enjoy playing computer games to relax during their free time. Yet, there are lots of ways to play online. Some people prefer eSports games that can be played through Here are the top 3 games each gaming fan knows.





The legendary real-time strategy game. This game has been on the first place on the most popular gaming platform, Steam for many years. DOTA 2 was released back in 2013. Since then the developers have been regularly updating the game by adding new extra content. So, the number of fans is constantly increasing.


Game mechanics of DOTA 2 is based on the competition between the teams. Each of them must destroy the towers of their rivals. For the gameplay, you will have access to dozens of unique heroes, with their individual skills and unusual appearance.


DOTA 2 tournaments have been held for more than a decade. Today, their prize pool can be in the tens of millions of dollars. In 2017, one of the winning teams received a cash prize of $10,800,000.



Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GO is an iconic multiplayer first-person shooter. This game was one of the first to provide a quality and convenient platform for the competition, where participants could compete in accuracy and tactics.


The main feature of the shooter is a unique shooting mechanics, different from the modern games of the genre. Players should independently feel the withdrawal of the barrel at recoil, as the accuracy of bullets and their mettle does not directly depend on the sight. It is a delightful game with a wide variety of available tools, such as firearms, several types of grenades, equipment, and special defenses. 


Today, this shooter is inferior to DOTA 2. The total tournament fund here is not so huge. The maximum amount of the prize is about two million dollars.



League of Legends

This is the main competitor of DOTA 2. Both multiplayer games are quite similar to each other both technically and stylistically. Thus, fans regularly argue among themselves. They discuss which hit came out earlier, and which of the developers engaged in plagiarism.


The amounts raffled off in tournaments are very impressive. In 2019, the total cash pool was over $8,000,000. The most significant competitions for the game are held in Europe and the USA.


Special mention should be made of the regular updating of the game content. The developers are constantly releasing new additions. They fix various bugs, add new maps and unique characters.


So as you can see, lots of fun can be had, and even more winnings if you check out


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