Tired of Social Distancing? Gaming Can Be a Healthy Solution!


For some, it might be a never-ending debate, but the fact remains that gaming can be extremely beneficial for a person. A way to release stress, interact, and have fun, gaming has come a long way. Moreover, the newer games being released are true pieces of art with amazing graphics, sounds, and plot lines that totally immerse players into a different world altogether.


However, there is a lot more to video games than meets the eye. From helping you keep entertained to becoming a source for earning extra cash, here are a few reasons why gaming is oh-so-good for you.


Helps with Brain Functions

There has been enough research done that suggests that video games help positively when it comes to enhancing brain activities. Amongst the many positive effects of gaming on the brain is better hand-eye coordination and memory skills. Besides this, most games these days require thinking, which once again helps keep the mind active. An enjoyable part about video games is that they don’t come across as educational, but in reality, are helping shape a person through these subtle advantages, which eventually lead to higher overall functioning. 


Social Activity

Playing video games is a lot more social than one might believe. Thanks to technology, you can now indulge in all types of multiplayer games, interacting with fellow gamers, who might be sitting thousands of miles away from you. This is not only true for games like Fortnite, but also prevalent in online casinos where players can bet against others in poker, blackjack, and roulette. In fact, virtual bingo has come up in a big way that allows people to enjoy this simple game while communicating with fellow players through chats. 




Mood Enhancer

There is the occasional video on the internet that sees someone getting angry about losing a game and throwing away their controller. However, those are few and far between. Most people find gaming to be relaxing and a mood enhancer. It doesn’t matter if you win at first, or in your fifth turn, the act of playing itself leads to feeling better, which then reflects in your attitude.


Levels the Playing Field

Gaming, rather beautifully, levels the playing field for everyone. For example, you might be a huge basketball fan but are not good at it when actually playing it. After all, not everyone can be like Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant, or Ray Allen, one of the top 3-point scorers in the NBA. But when it comes to playing video games, everyone is equal. The skillset required to win in video games is a whole lot different and can possibly put you in front of any athlete, even if the game you are playing is a sport they master in real life.




Something for Everyone

That there is an endless supply of games available in the market makes gaming all the more attractive. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer word games or action ones, there is a game for you out there. Furthermore, most games have easy to difficulty modes that cater to every player, from beginners to professionals.


Show Me the Money

With the ever-growing rise in gaming, money has become an integral part of the industry. eSports is a common term now, with bookmakers even releasing odds for top competitions taking place around the world. However, non-professional players can also earn profits through online casinos and sports betting, which are both possible online and through smartphones. Everyone loves to make money while enjoying something they like, and gaming lets you do just that.

M. Ammar Shahid

A single with no crush, he is a passionate writer and loves to research and write on unusual facts. He is even a super fan of WWE, Superheroes, and Kermit the frog. When he is not writing, he is taking care of his mother’s little garden, where he is employed to have yummy dinner in return.