The Top Tips for Mastering All Things Horse Race Betting


When it comes to horse race betting, it can be really tough to find winners. It seems like the only people who ever seem to win big are either really lucky or are veteran grandad bettors who have been doing it since day dot. It is perfectly normal to assume that horse racing is a bit of an impossible task. We are here to tell you it’s not! Whilst it is no easy task, which is important to remember, it is a practice which can be mastered and perfected to get the most bang for your buck and rinse the bookies for some sweet profits. In this article we’ve laid out our top tips for mastering all things horse race betting and given you a helpful insight into how to bet next time you fancy a wager at the racetrack and there are plenty opportunities coming up, from free bets for Cheltenham and guides to help you at the Grand National.



Knowing how odds work and the way they are manipulated when betting is key when it comes to betting. Horse racing is famously unpredictable, which means that when it comes to favourites and the odds they are typically unrepresentative of the actual outcome. In fact, when it comes to horse racing the bookies favourite statistically only wins one third of the races. This means that unlike many other sports around the world, the favourite is often not secure to bet on. Instead it is favourable in horse racing to look at horses which are going to return good profits for your bet. This means looking to strike a balance between picking a favourite with short odds and an outsider with long odds who has less chance of winning the race. Not only this, but it is common within horse racing for different bookies to offer different odds on the horses in specific races. With this in mind it is important to know the way odds work and the way you can manipulate them to use to your advantage if you know what you’re doing in horse race betting. 



Type of selection

The beauty of modern day betting is that the online and mobile betting services provide an absolute plethora of betting markets and options. This means you can not only bet on almost any horse race from around the world but you also have extensive options from within the races to bet on what you would like. Whilst this can easily be a fountain of wealth, you need to know what you are doing to make sure it’s not a can of worms. Fundamentally, this means that you need to know what types of selections you can make and which ones would be the most beneficial for you to bash them bookies. Nowadays you can chance your arm with anything from a single to a Lucky 15. In terms of horse race betting there is one golden rule when it comes to mastering the trade – don’t go overboard. With horse racing, large accumulator coupons and non-each way bets will just land you a losing betting slip. Instead, it is sensible to look to be placing something such as a treble with higher odds which not only has a better possibility of landing but also will reward you handsomely. Gloriously obnoxious 6000/1 12 fold accumulators are almost never going to come off in horse racing. Horse race betting also offers a fairly unique and incredibly handy feature when betting. The bookies offer an Each-Way option on their selections. This means they will pay out fractionally for a horse placing in the top 3. Whilst you would not earn nearly the same for picking winning horses this is an incredible addition to have on your bet slip for a back up.




The most important tip when it comes to mastering horse race betting is one that could be probably used when it comes to mastering anything but it is so important. Doing your research when it comes to horse race betting is imperative. Luck can only take you so far. By putting in time to research your selection, the horse you are going for and the various factors that are surrounding the race such as recent form, conditions and magnitude of event. With horse racing you can use either the racecard to assess form and other statistics or you can use the faithful parade ring which tends to be more superstitious but many swear by it. Old school veterans swear that by assessing body language, sheen and the confidence of the horse in the parade ring you can quite clearly identify which horses are going to perform well and which aren’t. Both of these techniques are of course not a guarantee but they stand you a much better chance of picking a winning selection than randomly selecting a horse, particularly if you are a regular bettor.


 Good luck!

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