The Importance of Great Lighting for a Gaming Room


There is nothing more frustratingly annoying than to be gaming in a room where things aren’t just right for the experience. It could be the chair you are sitting in, the noise going on all around you or even the lights that are preventing you from focusing on the screen in front of you. Perhaps the wrong kind of lighting is the most difficult to live with because if you can’t see, well, you just can’t play!


Dealing with Lights That Are Too Dim

Actually, dealing with lights that are too dim isn’t really a problem until you set down the game controller to reach for a drink, only to find that it’s your turn and you can’t see where you set it! Also, for newbie gamers, it’s important to be able to see the keyboard or game controller because you probably don’t have all those buttons down yet. It takes a seasoned player to push the right buttons every time, but for everyone else, not being able to see can be a big problem.. The problem is much bigger if you have a golf sim enclosure setup or other immersive gaming devices in your room. You don’t want to trip over something, destroying your precious gizmos because of this neglect.


The Problem with Lights That Are Too Bright

Perhaps even more of an issue than lights which are too dim would be those harsh, bright lights that literally glare off the screen. No matter how you position the monitor, there is a glare obstructing your view. Some games you can play without really paying attention because they are games of chance, like slots. However, get into a game of poker at a real money casino online and there is no way to play if you can’t see your cards. Can you imagine what it would be like sitting at a table in a land-based casino and you are unable to see your cards to tell the dealer your next play? That’s what it’s like when the lights are so bright that they cause ‘blind spots’ on your monitor.


Flickering Lights from Fluorescents

It has long been known that certain individuals suffering specific health conditions should not sit in a room for an extended period of time if the lighting is fluorescent bulbs that flicker, often unnoticeable to the naked eye. These would be individuals who suffer from:


  • Epilepsy
  • Autism
  • Lupus
  • Lyme disease
  • Vertigo
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome


And then, fluorescent lights have also been proven to cause eyestrain and headaches. Whether you suffer from a specific diagnosis or are simply prone to headaches and/or eyestrain, it behooves you to ensure that you do not use overhead fluorescent or CFLs in a game room.


There is no question that you need lights specifically intended for use in game rooms if you want to be able to enjoy the game. And why wouldn’t you? That’s what gaming is all about! You can’t be uncomfortable while playing in an online ice casino! Use any of the links above to make the most of You want to kick back and enjoy the game. The wrong type of lighting can be the leading distraction from having the fun you should be able to experience. For the reasons listed above, and so many more, the lights in your game room should be a top priority. That’s a fact.

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