The Evolution of Anime and Social Issues


Anime has been around for decades, but it has evolved over the years. From its simplistic, hand-drawn beginnings to its highly-developed 3D CGI of today, anime has come a long way and has become a huge industry. Once popular just in the Asian world, anime is now a worldwide phenomenon, with millions of fans around the world.


For some, it is even a way of life. What’s more, the themes used in anime have also changed over the years, with some becoming more popular than others. In this article, we’ll take a look at how anime has evolved and the most popular themes used in it.


The Evolution of Anime 

Anime has always been a popular form of media, but it has changed significantly since its humble beginnings. As technology has advanced, so too has anime. Where once it was limited to hand-drawn animation, today’s anime is often done with 3D CGI, giving it a much more realistic look and feel. In addition to the technical aspects, the storytelling and themes used in modern anime are also much more complex and mature than in the past. While there are still some anime that are aimed at younger audiences, many anime now tackle more mature topics, such as relationships, politics, and social issues. 


Popular Themes Used in Anime 

The themes used in anime often reflect the social and ethical issues of the day. Anime is often used as a way to explore different perspectives on these issues and to challenge the status quo. By tackling these issues in a creative and entertaining way, anime can help viewers to better understand the complexities of these issues and to think more deeply about them. Additionally, these topics often resonate with viewers on a personal level, making anime an effective medium for exploring and discussing these issues.




The Outsider 

One of the most common themes used in anime is the idea of the outsider. This can be seen in anime such as Naruto and Attack on Titan, where the protagonists are seen as outsiders and must fight against the odds to achieve their goals. It is a theme that resonates deeply with many viewers, as it can be related to many real-life experiences. 



The concept of heroism is another common theme. This can be seen in shows such as One Piece and My Hero Academia, where the protagonists are seen as heroic figures who must rise to the challenge and save the day. It is a common theme in anime that viewers can easily identify with, as it is based on the idea of doing what is right in the face of adversity. 



Another popular storyline used in anime is gambling. Gambling has been a popular theme in anime for decades, and it continues to be used in many popular shows today. This can be seen in shows such as Kakegurui and Akagi, where the protagonists are forced to risk it all in order to achieve their goals. Gambling is a popular anime theme, as it adds an element of risk and excitement to the story. 



Friendship is often a common theme in anime, as it is a central part of many anime stories. Shows such as Naruto and One Piece feature strong friendships between the protagonists, as they rely on each other to face their challenges and achieve their goals. These stories often explore the unique bond between friends, as well as the hardships they must endure together. 


Love and Family 

Love and family are also central topics in anime, as they often have a deep impact on the characters and the story. Shows such as Clannad and Kimi ni Todoke explore the power of love and the importance of family in an emotional and heartfelt manner. These stories often touch on the joys and struggles of relationships, and the impact they can have on our lives. 


Coming of Age 

Coming of age is often explored through anime, as it allows viewers to follow a character’s journey from childhood to adulthood. Shows such as The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Your Name follow their protagonists as they face growing up and learn about themselves and the world around them. These stories often touch on themes such as self-discovery and independence, making them engaging and relatable.


Final Thoughts  

Anime has come a long way since its humble beginnings and continues to evolve with the times. The themes used in anime have also changed over the years, with some becoming more popular than others. Popular themes used in anime today include the idea of the outsider, heroism, and gambling. No matter what themes are used in anime, one thing is certain – it’s here to stay.

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